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University of New Orleans Privateers New Marks


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not bad, its a good transition from an outdated illustration to a modern look. typical "hero shot above wordmark" kind of thing, but i like it.

the typography is an issue though. the typeface for "privateers" is just all over the place and the letters are crashing into each other. it looks like a free font from dafont.com. then, i have to ask why there are 3 different typefaces being used? they definitely should have gone with the same serif font used on UNO to spell out the university name.

other than that, it seems well drawn and crafted. the designer(s) just need a couple of typography lessons




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I like the upgraded pirate, but the new wordmarks aren't doing much for me.

But yeah, add me to the "why bother with D-III right around the corner" category.

being d3 doesn't mean having a horrible identity...a proper identity is important at EVERY level of college athletics

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everything is crisip but the UNO on the hat. why in the world is that so messy?

Putting that on the hat seems a little Wild to me. They probably could have Skipped it.


There comes a point when you don't stand for the constant heartbreak anymore, and walk away.

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Off topic: Will the Sun Belt Conference replace New Orleans?

Probably not. The Sun Belt is pretty happy where they are with 12 teams overall (10 football with South Alabama coming in the future) despite the overtures from the WAC about Denver. If the Sun Belt makes any moves, it'll be to boot Denver and UALR because of the Sun Belt's new found focus on football.


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