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Raysox's NFL Pro Combat


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Def not liking the Bears one. A lot of people like the Bears current throwback, and I think it's ok, for a throwback, but is definitely not worth making a primary.

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Okay...as THE pre-emiment Buccaneer fanboy in these parts, you know Imma have to say something about this one.

Firstly...in all my attempts at finding some way to concept an updated look for the Buccaneers, and even though I have a damn-near emotional tie to the color, I stripped all traces of orange out of them. I see you did the same here, so kudos on that. The Totally Gothic numbers...okay, I get it, some people think they're ZOMG SOO KEWL!!!!!1234...but I'd really rather they stay away from the field (don't mind practice though). Beyond all that, though...I can definitely get on board with this concept, and in fact, numbers notwithstanding, I wouldn't even mind seeing this on the field in real life. This thing gets Buc's Offical Stamp of Approval.


By jove, I think you've got it. I've never really been a fan of the Falcons' numbers (or proprietary typeface, but that's another story), but the rest of this set is a hit. And again, this could probably replace what they currently wear on the field right now.


Hot diggity here...nailed this one square on the head. AND you found a way to incorporate red in there without it looking forced or blending/bleeding into either of the other two blue. Definitely feeling this one here.

Also...nice looks for the Steelers and Chargers as well...though I'm curious as to how San Diego's set would look with yellow (lightning?) pants. Try it out and see.

*Disclaimer: I am not an authoritative expert on stuff...I just do a lot of reading and research and keep in close connect with a bunch of people who are authoritative experts on stuff. 😁

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A raven is a symbol of dark and powerful things, just like the Baltimore Ravens of the 2000s. Led by Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Terrell Suggs, the Ravens have had one of the strongest defenses in recent history. A dark helmet with the logo in black form, add to the darkness that a raven projects. A mix of darker purple, and black make the team even scarier. In reference to Edgar Allen Poe, Nevermore.



A strong tradition, with the same look since the early days of the AFL in play for the Jets' Pro Combats. Sleeves the same color, with the old shoulder stripe. Green pants on the white balance out the home and away sets. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS.



New Orleans is known for being flashy, as a city. That is why there is a lot of gold in this set. Classic gold helmets, and gold pants go with the black jersey. Simple shoulder stripes, and gold string on the shoulders pop. Gold is being in your face, just like the new attitude of the Saints with Drew Brees and his high flying attack on offense. Who dat say gon' beat them Saints?



This team was formed in the 90s, which explains the modern uniforms. Similar to the Virginia Tech Pro Combats, a design goes from the sleeve to the neck. And with something that hasn't been done before, jaguar spots on the sleeves, and pants add an extra pop to the design. A powder coat of teal go on the helmets, same as the current.


I thought about the flywire thing, but Idk, I was liking them.

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Nice job on all of these, but I'm not a fan of the black numbers on the Ravens' home jersey. I don't think it'd fly (no pun intended) since even with the gold outlines, it's still gonna be hard to see on the field (especially during night games).

I'm not liking the spots on the Jags' sleeve stripes either. Using regular black and gold I could understand (even though it wouldn't look any good), but this way makes them look diseased. I guess that's one way to prevent the opposition from trying to tackle you...


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Ravens: I'm not a fan of these. I would color in the helmet logo, take the logo off the chest, change the home numbers, and cut off the side panels...I don't like the design on the back.

Jets: Good job...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Saints: I'm not a huge fan of these either...again you should get rid of the goofy shoulder stitching, and I'm not a fan of the double outines on the home numbers or the Northwestern-style striping.

Jaguars: I like the striping a lot, but I would try and add some gold trim in somewhere. I'm assuming that if it was available, you would use the Jags' current font, so I'll look past that (I'm not a fan of the font you used). Finally, I'm torn on the jaguar spots...it looks a lot better sublimated than straight black and gold, but I don't know if I like it.

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Hi. I'm going on a cruise, so I thought I might as well post what I have so far.

A lot of people are doing this, but I wanted to be different. I wanted to do something Nike would actually probably do. A lot of people are making crazy concepts and stuff with no flow(mbannon's are sweet though). I looked and studied the new pro combats, found what works for teams, maybe went with history, or did something future like. I wanted a set up like nike would have, and similar fonts and stuff. Basically, I tried making things realistic.

Here are the first 8

Oh, and the descriptions of them are in the style of procombat. Go here, and click any of the teams. Thought it was a nice touch.


The bucs are a young team, the youngest in the NFL. I could've gone throwback, but I didn't. Fire them cannons is a phrase said a lot in the area, referring to the cannons on the Pirate ship in the northeast endzone. When the Bucs score, or are in the red zone, the cannons go off. That is why I did cannonball pewter and red on this concept. The red is the main color, with pewter helmets, sleeves, and pants. Black runs under each arm, and above each arm. The numbers are the same font as the script, and the practice jersey. Josh Freeman and this young team will be firing them cannons for years to come.



The Bears of the 1940s were nicknamed the Monsters of the Midway. The Monsters won 4 championships in the 40s, just winning 2 since 1946. This is a throwback to those days. Chicago has come out with new throwbacks this season based on the uniforms from the 40s. These uniforms are the same, but with the stripes on the sleeves a la Oregon State. Jay Cutler, and strong defense are leading this team to a winning record, in becoming the new Monsters of the Midway.



The Chargers started playing football in the 60s in the old American Football League. Most of the years following, the home jersey has been light blue. A throwback with modern twists came into play here. A baby blue color, with shoulder designs like the current. The helmet has lightning bolts, with numbers underneath, like the Chargers of old. One of the highest energy offences in the league are truly, Super Chargers.



Don't mess with Texas. A phrase that lives with any Texan. The Houston Texans have a new culture, one that has the ability to be in any game, no matter who it is against. The Texans beat the Colts in game 1 of the season, knocking off the defending AFC champion who was highly favored. This Texans jersey have a Texas feel with the flag on each shoulder when looking at the front. Modern pants, and off color sleeves go along. The roads use a white helmet based on the prototype helmet used before the team played its first game. A group of high draft picks make up this well rounded team, which no one will be taking lightly anymore.



I hate to nitpick, but Tampa Bay is NOT the youngest team in the NFL (they debuted in 1976, along with Seattle). That honor belongs to the Houston Texans, who came into the league in 2002 (I think).

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I hate to nitpick, but Tampa Bay is NOT the youngest team in the NFL (they debuted in 1976, along with Seattle). That honor belongs to the Houston Texans, who came into the league in 2002 (I think).

As in, the youngest players. Kinda like what "the youngest team in the NFL" means.

I was just throwing these out, i can edit for sure.

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I updated the Ravens and Jags, so there! I have a few more I never posted.


Don't tread on me, a motto used by the Patriots in colonial time. The New England Patriots live by the same motto. 3 Super Bowls in the 2000s, and constant playoff appearances, the saying still is relevant. A mix of old and new on this set. White helmets, and red jersey like the old Patriots of the American Football League. Similar to the current set, the design wraps around the sleeves making a modern mix on a classic.



Cleveland, a blue collar town filled with hard workers. One thing is the Dawg Pound at Browns games, which is one of the most recognizable fan sections in pro football. The old Browns sleeve stripes are on the underbase layer. The reintroduction of the B-football logo adds to the set as a whole. The Browns, who are showing upside, look to please the Dawg Pound with Nike.



Breaking away from the plain jerseys currently worn, the Eagles new look is both on the field, and being worn on the field. Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, and LeSean McCoy give the Eagles a speed option, compared to the Eagles of the past. Black design under the arms, going on the front and back, added with midnight green and the classic helmet logo. Fly Eagles Fly.



In rebuilding since 1999, the Lions are getting better step by step. A rebrand after the 0-16 season helped Matt Stafford lead the team to the winning path after what seemed like forever. Modern design, and piping run on the sleeve and chest. Now, with Suh, Best, Stafford, Johnson and Vanden Bosch, the Lions hope to restore Pride back in the Motor City.


It's hard making up things for these! I have the Bills done, that'll be on the next set.

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