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Raysox's NFL Pro Combat


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Ram it. A song sung by the Los Angeles Rams of old. Since then, the rams have moved, changed colors, and redone mostly everything. Now, with Sam Bradford at the helm, the Rams are working their way back to relevancy. A mix between old and new on this set. The current navy mixed with the LA Rams yellow give it a throwback feel. The helmet horn now matches the logo. A large Rams logo is on the side stands out. Shadowed numbers give the same effect as the horn.



A trowback feel for a team with history. Think Ohio State, graphite pants replacing the current silver. Red is dropped completely, making blue, grey, and white the only used colors. Very simple, and classy look.



The 1972 Dolphins were the only undefeated team in NFL history. Since that season, only one Miami team has won the superbowl, and that was in 1973. A return to the classic aqua. Aqua replaces the current aqua, which becomes the shadow, which was navy. The sleeve stripes from the undefeated season are included, with the current aqua around them. An M is on the helmet to match the logo.



Birds of Prey. A team that has pushed the envelope before with their uniforms, in 2009, Seattle introduced lime green jerseys. The darker blue is on the sleeves like the current set, but it gradients to Seattle blue on the undersleeves. Lime green breaks up the sleeves, and number outline. The numbers are broken up into white and grey.


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A few things I wanted to mention:

Browns- You seemed to make the striping a little awkward while their current stripes are even. Also, I don't like the Brown socks, at least not on both jerseys. Other than that I like the brown pants (striping is much better than plain).

Steelers- Hate the fade you added, just personal opinion though.

Ravens- I think it's odd to make yellow a more prominent color while making the theme about becoming darker/scarier. I think yellow should be dropped all together (to avoid being closer to the Vikings) and you should stick with the darker colors.

Eagles- Great concept except those pants, terrible decision to add the name down the side IMO.

Texans- Absolutely brilliant looking. The white helmet, the use of the state flag... everything is great.

Patriots- Love the bright new look.

Chargers, Bucs, and Titans would all be upgrades IMO as well.

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Rams: I agree with Lights Out that the old school sleeves with the horns would look better. I like that you added white highlights to the helmet horns to match the logo.

Giants: I also agree with Lights Out here that the Giants need some red. Red has always been in the color scheme, so I don't think it should be taken out.

Dolphins: I really like the throwback look, and the light aqua with teal highlights looks great.

Seahaws: I really like these as well. My only suggestions would be to get rid of the green number outlines and NOBs.

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I too think the numbers are a bit too low, they should be alteast even with the numbers on the back, which are just about right.

The Rams look pretty cool, you executed it pretty well. I do think you should change the motto to "The Greatest Show on Turf", it seems like that's what the team has been known for. I'd also get rid of the flywire, most of these teams need TV Numbers.

I'm a little iffy on the Giants, I tihnk if you made the graphite pants actually gray, this might be a nice set.

Really nice take on the 'Fins, it's really got some retro feel without looking like a throwback. Love the M on the helmet.

Now, you NAILED this one. Absolutely perfect, the triangle pattern was used perfectly. The one thing I suggest you is to use that same affect and add a helmet stripe.

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To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of pro combat concepts in general. That being said, your designs so far are great. Each and every one looks completely plausible and like the teams could actually wear them.

My only issues are with the Packers' numbers (i could see them going more traditional throughout) and the Pats' red primaries, but that's just my personal bias against them wearing red on a primary.

Overall great job, and Seattle's over-the-top pro combat look is awesome.


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I don't mean to be a bother at all, but the numbers really do look too low. Raise them up a tad, and it'll look alright.

The only real suggestions I have are for the Rams and Giants. For the Rams, I second the motto being "Greatest Show on Turf", as I think nothing is more prolific in thier history (aside from Fearsome Foursome). Also, I see where youre going with the sleeves, and it's not a bad idea, but I think the ram horns alone on the sleeves would make it perfect.

For the Giants, I think all you need to do in my opinion is lighten the grey up, and you've got it.

Aside from that, the designs are very nice. Keep up the great work!


The opinions I express are mine, and mine only. If I am to express them, it is not to say you or anyone else is wrong, and certainly not to say that I am right.

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Fast Lane, a motto for the Colts, and a description of the way the Colts offense runs. Led by Peyton Manning, a no huddle offense is always running. The horeshoe motif transferred onto the stripes of the jersey. The look goes back to the Baltimore days, with the only real change is the dots, and new font.



A fight song for the Vikings when they were formed in 1961. Skol in Norwegian means "cheers", basically meaning Go Vikings. In recent years, the Vikings have had a modern set. With modern shoulder designs, that wraps around the back and connects to the other side. An outline of purple was added to the design and numbers to break up light colors.



Fight for Old DC is the first line in the Redskins' fight song Hail to the Redskins. A modern twist on a throwback set. The 63-64 teams had a feather stripe running from the back of the helmet, and gold pants. This has a modern feather, with modern colors, with the same stripe from the white jersey of that set.



The Orange Crush was the nickname of the John Elway era Broncos. Known for their hard hits and orange jerseys, the thought of that comes back. New orange primaries, with modern style like the currents. Blue underarms with white piping. Similar striping is located on the pant side.


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Although I do like the skins set, I don't know if that specific feather works well. Idk, I like a more streamlined feather like in my concept. But the feather is the way to go. You were able to include the primary logo in the uniform, and I didn't think about that in my concept. Nice job there. Not sure aobut the sleeve stripes, they just seem out of this era, but not in a good retro way. Really like the Broncos set though.

concepts: washington football (2017) ... nfl (2013) ... yikes

potd 10/20/12
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Ima post the final 8 of these.


A throwback to the dynasty era of the San Francisco 49ers. The only undefeated multiple super bowl champion, which ruled the field in the 80s and 90s. A return to the khaki, and red like the current set. Actual sleeve stripes on the under base, and stripes found on the socks.



A modern approach to this concept. Piping runs up the front, then around the sleeve. The back is a sublimated Arizona flag. Under each piping is a sleeve that differs from the rest of the jersey for contrast. Modern pant striping match the jersey.



Current, mixed with some old school, mixed with consistency. The stripes appear on the sleeves, pants, and helmet. The shoulder yokes like the current appear on the pro combat template on both jerseys. Navy blue was used, and royal blue was dropped completely.



A nice return to consistency. Navy and silver, just one set of navy and silver was used. With stripes like the current white homes. A double outline to somewhat match the sleeve striping. The same stripes are on the helmet and pants. Also, the white remains the primary.


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A few basic things changed to start. All of the colors changed. The electric blue became bluer, the black is now a dark navy, and the silver is a different shade. The blue jersey differs it from the rest of the nfc south. New scripts, nameplates, and numbers introduced, with a panther slash effect. Slashes are located on the sleeves, and pants. The numbers were dropped to the underbase layer.



I wanted to go orange, but didn't. A lot of stripes are the reasoning for the saying "earn your stripes" The helmet stripes(hah!) stayed the same, then was transfered onto the pants stripe, and sleeve. Orange was prominent on the white set more than black, to make a sort of "white tiger" effect. A return of the Bengal head logo on the neck.



I went crazy here. I used the gradients again. The outline after the black was changed to yellow from white, which made the logo pop, and added a color to use. Black piping coming from the neck hole, running around the sleeve. The actual sleeve runs yellow down onto the underbase which fades into red. Black was mixed into the numbers. The gradient pant stripes come up again to match.



Hard to change anything. The same effect on everything, dark silver and black give a mean look, and will satisfy the black hole. I did keep the flywire black on the white set for contrast.


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Ima post the final 8 of these.


Current, mixed with some old school, mixed with consistency. The stripes appear on the sleeves, pants, and helmet. The shoulder yokes like the current appear on the pro combat template on both jerseys. Navy blue was used, and royal blue was dropped completely.


I wouldn't exactly call this consistent.

Check out the stripes on the white pants, compared to the stripes on the white sleeves. I think they should match (like the stripes on the Navy pants/sleeves).

Also, I would make the socks red to avoid the almost-leotard look; it would also balance out with the red helmet.

I actually like the shoulder yokes there too, they add some personality to an otherwise dull and boring look.



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