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Jets Considering New Throwback

Brian E

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Thought this was an interesting exchange on Twitter yesterday afternoon. Matt Higgins, the Executive Vice President of the Jets, was asked a question about the Titans throwbacks. Here is the question and his response:

Not throwback anymore if we wear it all the time @marcnini: @mhigginsjets @nyjets why no titans throwback jerseys this season?

So I asked:

@mhigginsjets any chance we can replace the titans throwbacks with a klecko-era green look?

He responded:

@baymenxpac considering it

Others suggested the same thing:

@ThatsJustPrime: @mhigginsjets any chance we'll ever wear a kelly green throwback from the 80's-90's?

Response: @ThatsJustPrime yes, good chance

Someone said they thought the Jets had confirmed they would wear some kind of kelly green throwback next year:

@mhigginsjets haha. I thought it was confirmed we were wearing those next year??

Higgins responded:

@NYJET_Prime not confirmed. We are talking internally about bringing them back at some point. Once offseason starts, we will take up again

And finally, he wrapped up this inpromptu uni discussion with the following:

mhigginsjets: Conspiracy afoot to inundate feed with support for 80's throwback uniforms. Got the message, stand down kelly green fans. #jets

So there you have it. Sorry for all the Twitter lingo and formatting. It doesn't lend itself very well to copying and pasting for discussion forums. But the rumor is definitely real: the Jets are considering a kelly green throwback to replace the Titans nonsense.

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Damn, I liked the titans look. It was just so strikingly different than their usual look.

i understand that. but then again, an '80s era kelly green would be strikingly different as well. a starkly different shade of green, different striping patterns, different helmet logo and different helmet color. obviously not as drastic as navy blue and gold, but still fairly significant.

i thought the titans look was cool for a one and done novelty, but it's outlived its usefulness IMO. it even drives me crazy when i see one in the stands at the meadowlands because it looks so drab contrasted against most fans dressed in green.

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The fans still love the 80s look. I went to the game against the Thanksgiving game, and the recent game against Buffalo and I swear you saw more of the 80's era logo than the current one. There is also a bit of support for the old '63 Jets logo, as well (The fish-like plane).

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I never saw many Jets games on TV in the '80s / early '90s, but I remember collecting football cards and thinking that those were some terrible uniforms, especially when they added black. Of course it could just be that I was young and they usually stunk so I associated the uniforms with bad teams, but for whatever reason they just didn't work for me.

I'm not much of a fan of older designs, but IMO the Jets current throwback-inspired uniform is great. If they just updated the helmet to the NY-oval, they'd be near perfect.

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