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I like everything but the font and the side panels. For the font, it's a great idea, and it might look nice if it wasn't so sloppy and hand-drawn-looking. Also, with the side panels, while they keep it from looking like a chocolate bar, it makes it look a little childish, and it might help to find a new configuration for them.

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What the Ruck?

Are we being Punk'd?

Even I'm not this bad.

Well, we have some real insightful comments here, don't we?

It may not be the best thing ever created, but I'm sure the creator appreciates your constructive criticism which will surely help him improve on the current piece.


Anyways, now that I have that off my chest:

- Interesting striping pattern. I'd like to see it on one of the player 'action' templates.

- I don't like the gap where the buttons are (PAD RES)

- Practice will make your overall quality improve

- The 'Padres' wordmark needs some cleaning up.

- I love that road jersey

Hope that helps-

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I will have to disagree with those who aren't liking the side panels... they look odd as-is, but when you look at the pants he has created for the uniforms, it would be very unique.

The concept needs a clean-up, but I like where you're going with it idea-wise.

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For the Rockies, I decided to use more purple, because the Rockies are, after all, the purple mountain majesty. I also added an "ice" color. The logo has a simple mountain on top, and the cap logo is a C with mountains interlocking it. The home is primarily purple, but I kept the black and the pinstripes on the road. The alt home is a reverse pinstripe with the cap logo on the chest. The away alt is a TATC, and it's supposed to show a purple mountain with the sky on top, an effect recreated on the cap. The BP is pretty much the standard template.


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I like the padres colors, but I feel some of the blue should be worked into the home cap (actually the road cap too). The side panels, inspired by the NFL, may work OK for a BP jersey, but I don't like it for a game jersey.

I am not fond of the pinstripes on the purple Rockies jersey. And I am FAR too purist for the "big mountain gear". The new cap logo has potential, but it's not quite there. I'm a design novice, so others have better opinions, but I'd say round the "C" for starters.

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