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NFL uni combos you'd like them to try...


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I want to see the 49ers break out these hidden white pants that JohnnySeoul claims exist. For some reason, I think the 49ers looked fantastic any time they wore white pants in the 90's. Very underrated look. It could be paired with the red or white jersey, but I think I'd like to see the gold-white-white look more than anything.

Call me crazy (I know it's coming! :P), but just once I want Kansas City to try monochrome red, just to see how it looks. I actually don't think it'd be that bad.

How about white jersey-red pants for the Texans? Paired with the navy helmet, that'd be very unique and could have a nice "Texas flag" feel to it.

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- Titans columbia blue jersey with the white pants

- Seahawks wear the white pants with the blue jersey and blue pants with the white jersey. I know we've seen both looks before, but I wish they'd go with each one full time.

- Chargers all-white

- Texans, red jersey, blue pants, red socks

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Texans- White Jersey and Red Pants. The white jersey/blue pants look fine, but it gets old seeing them in that combo all year.

Titans- Columbia blue jersey and white pants. Have no idea why this isn't done.

Browns- White jersey and brown pants. Unique. The all whites with the 1974 striped socks, are terrible. Especially terrible 19 weeks a year.

Bucs- Pewter Jersey and white pants. I know, the pewter jersey doesn't exist. But it should. Better then those "We sucked in these" orange throwembacks they wear once a year for no apparent reason.

Eagles- Green jerseys and green pants. This look would kick ass and would be the best in the league. Wear it for a night game. Please.

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I would love to see the Dolphins wear their aqua pants with the orange alts...and the Bears wear the navy pants with their orange alts. Both teams lose a bit too much of their identity wearing just orange...

That... that's a really good point I've never considered. Nice!

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Two more I'd like to add:

- I want to see white-aqua-aqua for the Dolphins. Yes - aqua monochrome. Think that'd look really cool.

- Kind of "radical" maybe, but I'd like to see Green Bay experiment with set of white pants. The striping pattern would be the same as the away jersey, and I think would be best paired with the away. So gold-white-white.

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I'd like to see the Jags go teal jersey on black pants. They went against their initial rule of not mixing up combos this year once already by wearing white on white. Why not again, but try the cooler mix and match! Maybe bring back a black alt why you're at it

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I'd also like to see the Cowboys bring these combos back full-time:



...and finally suck it up and wear blue at home.

I like the Chargers set although I would go blue pant and Powder jersey and if the Redskins can go with red @ home I'm sure the Cowboys can go blue @ home.

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