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"New" Colts Uniforms Unveiled


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Couple things:

1. It's not exactly clear from the photo, but it also appears the Colts are going with just one single stripe down the sides of the pants.

2. It would have been much better of they wore the style of numbers they wore during the 1960's, complete with serifs at the ends of the 2, 3, 5, 6 and 9.


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OK guys, if any of you can honestly tell a difference with that blue, tell me, because I think it looks exactly the same. I love the striped socks and I can live with the grey facemask and black shoes, so overall I like this change. Single pants stripe doesn't sound like it would look as good though. And STL fanatic, please get it through your head that they are never gonna go to a double stripe on the helmet, it is traditional and not everything has to be perfectly consitent. :P

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Call me crazy, but I like the gray facemasks [ducking flying objects]. I think they're an improvement over the blue, I just can't really articulate why beyond it's just a little aesthetic thing. And the socks are nice, too.

What I don't like are the black shoes. Yeah, it was Unitas' thing, but it just doesn't look good.

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A few quick notes on the Colts' new/old unis:

  • At least our boy Rupert is out of the tie-dye for this week.
  • Finally, Peyton Manning gets his wish: to wear black hi-tops in honor of Johnny Unitas.
  • And the team will be ready for that throwback game on Thanksgiving at Detroit.

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lol - who is that dude in the Manning jersey?

perhaps this comment is off topic, because it's not part of "this" change, but I really really REALLY can't stand the way the vertical shoulder stripes are cut off on their uni's now. It looks retarded... why?

Indianapolis Colts - still my most favorite uniform in sports.


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Is something wrong with me if I can't notice any changes?


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Retired Number's To Come

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