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Best goalie mask of all time?


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For over half a a century, when Jacques Plante became the first goaltender in the NHL to wear a mask full-time, the goalie mask has evolved from a utilitarian way of protecting a goaltender's face/head to an intricate part of a teams design- almost everyone's mask design is rather amazing these days. :D

Anyway, what do you think is the best goalie mask of all time? The fiberglass masks used for the first 20-odd years were OK, but evoke memories of the Friday the 13th films, so your mileage may vary on that.

I'm a sucker for this design: DSCF1782.JPG

My fave modern mask: jonathan-quick.jpg

As an aside, I would like to someday have one of those helmets like the first one above. What am I supposed to do, get a goalie cage + put it togethere w/a normal hockey helmet?

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Might be biased, but I always loved Irbe's mask. Hell, he had the best goalie equipment in the NHL over the last 30 years in my opinion. Absolutely loved his beat up white pads.


I also liked the mask he had towards the end of his career with the Latvian flag on the back.


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On 1/25/2012 at 9:56 AM, charger77 said:


Gee Dan, when did you grow up?


I agree with -Dan on his masks...Team-based designs > unrelated designs.

And even: basic team logo-based designs > abstract team-based designs.

(also it appears that I grew up about when -Dan did).

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Agreed. I tend to like simpler designs, basic shapes and colours. This overly complex air brush trend that's going on right now is the worst thing to happen to goalie mask design in a while. If you can't make out the design from the stands then it's not really a good mask design. Besides, no one needs to wear a mural on their head.

Some of my favourites that haven't been posted.







I may not like the Disney identity, but this was a sweet mask to compliment it.


Scott Clemmensen's got a bit of a Potvin thing going on at the moment. The clear design/bold lines in the Panthers' bold colour scheme really works for me.

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