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Super Bowl XLVII Logo


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Now is usually the time when the NFL usually began to slowly roll out next year's Super Bowl logo. The key component has been the upcoming game's official program detailing the following year's season culminating with the next Super Bowl along with the new logo. Well I got to take a look at Super Bowl XLVI's game program tonight and what do I find? A lousy placeholder logo! (I forgot my phone so I could not take a pic; i will tomorrow). Description: Blue rectangle with the standardized NFL font saying

Super Bowl XLVII

New Orleans


So given the very prominent usage of the "Regional" Super Bowl logo on many "National" merchandise and outlets, is it possible to assume that the NFL might be moving away from the standardized logos after 2 years? The other two Indy logos are being used right alongside the "Official" logo, perhaps the NFL has seen the error of its ways. I sure hope so, I don't think I can deal with these being the upcoming logos


Thoughts on this?

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The new logos are the worst idea in NFL History. I think they want to cut costs but I bet they lose out on collectors and such, plus it cheapens the Super Bowl to have a generic logo. I don't mind MLB, at least they tweak each year's World Series logos, though I wish they wouldn't mass produce merchandise with a cheap logo on it and slap a team logo on it and call it done...

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Here's the placeholder logo i mentioned in the first post


What I find interesting about that is they use the same font as Super Bowl XLIV, and not Super Bowl XLI, XLII, XLIII, XLV, or XLVI. That could be a game changer and hopefully end this disgrace of the standardized logo era.



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the thing that sucks is with all these logos being the same you wont be able to associate the super bowl with the logo anymore. You can show me any past logos for the last 10 years and i can tell you who played in them. These are too similar that it does not stand out.

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I really wish the NFL would have taken a page out of the CFL and done a Grey Cup-style standardization. (Similar to the World Series logos with the MLB.) In the CFL's case, the Grey Cup trophy always looks the same, but everything else about the logo is different: the colors, background, etc. I think that would have been a much better thing for the NFL to take on: that way, the logos are still unquestionably similar, but different enough that you can pick out one from the other very easily.

As I've stated before, I don't think the standardized approach is bad, I just hate the trophy logo they went with. Something much flatter and simpler would have looked much better.

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