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Peyton Manning's Future?


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as a Colts fan i hate this :censored:ing thread.

as a designer, id say you're on the right path in the jersey and pants area, but everything still looks obviously fake. theres no form to the helmet, no light or shadow just a flat color and the logos are way off on color




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Thanks for the kind words guys. The helmets are always the toughest part for me, and this one especially because the white was pretty flat to begin with. I kind of rushed it because it was a request, but I wil probably see about going back and touching it up though. I have always kind of enjoyed doing uniform swaps and I hope one day I am at the level that gladsadmad is at.

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gladsadmad, any chance i could get you to put that peyton picture into a silver helmet for me? i know you have done work for me before and it was great, i usually do my own jersey swaps but helmets i havent been able to master.. a lions, or raiders helmet.. i would use this for my fantasy football league.. Miami Soul


THE Xtreme Fantasy Football League

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