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Cleveland Spiders Concept



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So this is my first draft of a cap logo for the Cleveland Spiders. I'd like to re-do it with smaller legs and a better font for the C, but this is the idea.

I'm completely stumped on a color scheme... I was thinking the base color could be black, brown, or graphite; and the secondary color tan, red, or orange. So I whipped up all the combinations and I thought I'd put it up for vote.

I really don't want to do black & orange - obviously 3 other MLB teams use this scheme (although it does look nice).

If you have a better idea, vote other and write a reply with your idea. I also really don't want to do navy & red, so if you're going to write that in, just know it will be ignored. :grin:


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Cleveland Spiders... Arguably the worst team ever. I had to do an excel project on them, I pictured them in an old time blue and red. Brown and red looks good though! Staying away from the mainstream sports colors! I love it.


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Darn, I was gonna say navy and a deep, dark, blood red. Fantastic logo though!

That might actually be cool, midnight navy and maroon, maybe a beige/cream to offset the two dark colors.


I just feel like if they were to reinvent their identity, why would they want to keep a color scheme that 1/3 of MLB already has. The dark red makes a difference.

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Would the red/blue colour scheme be too much like Spider-Man? Would that, in real life, be a good thing (recognisable identity) or a bad thing (get your pants sued off)?




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I picked brown and red because it's unique.

Red and black is already owned by the other Ohio baseball team, as far as I'm concerned, so that should probably just be off the table immediately.

The grey and red combo looks good, but I think the orange one looks a little too washed-out and there isn't enough contract between the grey and tan. Neither of those look bad, per se, but they don't quite work. Black and orange is already taken by the Giants and Orioles. The black and tan combination would probably be my second choice simply because it is original and unique. Most impoirtantly, I can really see the fans wearing a tan Spiders shirt around town, whereas they probably wouldn't wear a dark brown or an orange shirt.

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Graphite and Tan for me. Although, I wouldn't call it Tan, call it Gold. Sounds better :lol:

Also, I'd play around with the "C". I know conceptually it works, but it's lacking something. Just seems bland a bit. Keep at it, could be a fantastic cap logo...

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Might work better as a cap logo if the spider was facing forward instead of up? You could still easily keep the "c" and just change the position of the legs.

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Brown and black with a hint of red (ala previous TCU identity) play up the hourglass on the body of the black widow spider. Maybe use it as an alt logo?


Oh yeah, and make white piping your friend (simulates webbing?)

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The black with the white logo outlined with red just pops out, would look spectactular on a hat or on the chest of an alt black jersey. I'd stay away from brown or orange because of the connection those colors have with Browns - black and red would be unique for a Cleveland team. The Reds use black only as a trim color, so there'd be a definate contrast with their uniforms.

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