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Way Too Early NCAA 2012 Predictions


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Anyone have any bold predictions for the upcoming football season? Could be Heisman candidates, conference winners, BCS Bowl Teams, whatever. What are your way-too-early speculations?


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I don't think it's too early.

It'll be tough for Bama to repeat with replacing so many bodies on the defensive side of the ball, but if it's one thing I know. That defense won't miss a beat.




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well according to texas's national championship apperance trend, texas will go to a bcs bowl, the trend starting with vince young was holiday bowl->bcs bowl->National Championship

this again happned with Colt McCoy and apparently will happen with David Ash/Tyrone Swoopes

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I think Bowling Green will win the MAC and hopefully there bowl game....they had the youngest team in the nation last year and went 5-7 with a last second field goal loss to Ohio, and lost by on to Wyoming after 6 turnovers and a blocked PAT with 3 seconds remaining



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I think Miami goes 10-2, and will lose in the ACC Championship, then win their bowl game. Pitt will go 8-4, finish second in the Big East and win their bowl game.

Akron will win the Championship!....JK

The wide receiver that was a Freshman last year will win the nations best receiver.

Michigan vs. Oregon in the championship.

These were only BOLD predictions though.



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Bo Pelini goes all Liu Kang on Taylor Martinez.

On 8/1/2010 at 4:01 PM, winters in buffalo said:
You manage to balance agitation with just enough salient points to keep things interesting. Kind of a low-rent DG_Now.
On 1/2/2011 at 9:07 PM, Sodboy13 said:
Today, we are all otaku.

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Bo Pelini goes all Liu Kang on Taylor Martinez.

I'd think Brian Fury would be a bit better comparo, no?

Anyway, I predict the SEC will once again live up to its billing as the "Super Eite" Conference and end up pissing off half the nation?and the Creamery?again. :P

(And that my Seminoles will once again find a way to disappoint me...dammit.)

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South Carolina or Southern California?

When ESPN talks about USC, they're talking about USC. When they talk about South Carolina, they say "South Carolina".

Well it wasn't ESPN saying it was it? USC is accepted for both, and South Carolina has a much better chance of all 3, honestly. ( Baseball for sure.)

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Conference Champs:

Big East: Louisville 12-1; Will face Ok.St in Fiesta Bowl or Clemson in Orange Bowl

ACC: Clemson 10-3; Will face UofL in Orange Bowl

B1G: Michigan St. 11-2; Will face Oregon in Rose Bowl

Pac-12: USC 13-0; Will be in the NC Game

SEC: LSU 12-1; Will be in the Sugar Bowl

Big XII: West Virgina 12-0; NC Game

At Larges: Ok. St (11-1), Georgia (11-1), and LA Tech (12-0)

BCS Bowls:

Sugar Bowl: LSU vs LA Tech

Orange Bowl: Louisville vs Clemson

Rose Bowl: Michigan St vs Oregon

Fiesta Bowl: Ok. St vs Georgia

NC Game: USC vs WVU

What do you guys think about this? B)


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WVU is a bunch of crap when compared to the BIG 2 of the BIG12 (texas and oklahoma) Texas will have the best defense in the BIG12 possibly in the nation only tied with alabam,and lsu. With jackson jeffcoat and alex oakafor and the juco transfer DT, the dline will be unstoppable, as for the dbs, almost all of the dbs last year were freashmen or sophmores to a grown up secondary. Texas will win the BIG12 becasue of defense and the amazing running back stable of Malcom Brown, Joe Burgeron, and and thethe current leader in number of hs touchdowns Johnathan Gray.

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