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2013 MLB Discussion Thread, Redux

Brian in Boston

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I'm hoping the Cardinals can close it out tonight in St. Louis and host the Dodgers. Would love to see a Waino/Kershaw game. However, I've had a sneaky suspicion since the postseason started that it is going to be Dodgers/Pirates in NLCS. Though as a Cardinals fan, I hope my sneaky suspicion is incorrect. :)

On the AL side, I have Red Sox hosting the A's in the ALCS.

Another sneaky suspicion is that it will be Cardinals/A's in the World Series. So, basically what I'm saying is...

I don't know :censored:

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I want the Cards tonight, but I'd be happy with the Pirates. The Pirates have turned it around and I really think they could win the pennant, but considering how bad they've been in my life, the thought that the only thing that would stand in the way of the Dodgers making the World Series is the Pittsburgh freaking Pirates makes me a little queasy.

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Haha, can we just change the name of this team to the killers of hopes and dreams? Is there an NL Central team out there who's hopes they haven't crushed?

Way to go Cards, now do the same to the Dodgers dreams.

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