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So I'm kind of taking my 90's remix jerseys and going to the next level. I'm taking defunct NHL teams and continuing there jersey history like they never left. I'm going to do the Atlanta Flames, Colorado Rockies, Minnesota North Stars, Atlanta Thrashers, Kansas City Scouts, Hartford Whalers, Quebec Nordiques, Winnipeg Jets and Cleveland Barons.

Here's the first team I've done The Rockies, from its 76-77 debut threw the 90's Non traditional in to the 2000's edge and the transformation from yellow gold to "golden Colorado" Vegas style gold.


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I'm starting with the second jersey since the Rockies actually wore that first one then:

2: The sleeve and tail stripes change very slightly.

3: The striping patterns change again, and a shoulder yoke is added.
4: The crest on the front is simplified, shedding the mountain logo.
5: The Rockies undergo their first major redesign in franchise history, going with a new palette of athletic gold, silver and navy blue.
6: The Rockies’ look changes again, this time with the introduction of a new crest and striping pattern. The athletic gold is changed to a more metallic hue.
7: The Rockies’ jersey changes yet again as the Edge jersey template takes over, with a modified striping and color pattern.
8: Apron striping is added to the jersey, as the striping pattern is simplified in a way that evokes the Rockies of the 1980s.
9: The return to the old continues, as the original crest from 1977 is restored, but the modern colors remain.

I'd love to see some thirds from the Rockies, particularly from the 90s. Who knows what they would have come up with?

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very nice, It's too bad the C logo wasnt a shoulder patch on the "colorado gold" ones. It seemed there was a time when every team had a shoulder patch and some even had 2 (Phoenix and Columbus).

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