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Colorado State Rebrand


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Hey guys I haven't made a concept in a very long time and I was killing some time over break and wanted to revisit some old ones that I started back in the day. A couple years ago I started making a rivalry series of concepts that never fully materialized. I came across my Colorado State Rams draft and decided that I should finish it even though I despise them as a rival. Now some of you may be wondering why I put them on a Nike template when they are an Under Armour school, and the answer is simply when I started this concept initially they were with Russell and hadn't named a new supplier. I had all my work done on a Nike template and it was easier to transfer over for me. I apologize for being too lazy to change it, but it's just a concept. I wanted to make sure that I incorporated 2 things in the redesign that being:

1.) Bring back the yellow gold that was used from 1933-39 and 1959-1993 while keeping the lighter gold as an accent

2.) Incorporate the old bone horn that made it's debut in 1951 to separate them from St. Louis. I wanted to do a new logo that also featured the bone horn and get rid of the non athletic looking mark they currently use.

I have included an Orange alternate as a throwback to when the school was named the Aggies and wore orange from 1940-1958 . They have thrown back multiple years in a row now and I thought it would be cool to keep that tradition up. Now if you took the time to read this thank you. Oh and if you like my work please take my sig into consideration.

Logo (click for full size)


Uniforms (click for full size)

Home.png Away.png

Alt.png Alt2.png

Sticker Wallpaper (click for full size)


Photorealistic (click for full size)


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Awesome. Well done - great job with the horns and stripes, and that number font is great. The only thing I don't like is the gold facemasks on the greeen helmets. Make them green (or white for a throwback look that both looks good AND pops) and it'll be top-notch.

EDIT: One minor note - if you can somehow keep the current "C St" logo, I'd think it'd help, just because it's more unique. Just my $0.02 on that.

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Good to see ya back wyopokes. The logo is absolutely top-notch. Very well rendered, and I love the more unique horn. As for the jerseys, I really like the striping pattern. The number font isn't working though. I would create a beveled block to match the "CSU" in the logo. Also, it bugs me a little that there's a lot of gold in the logo but none on the uniforms. I don't know how you could work it in, but it's something I would take a look at.

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