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NFL Refresh by Derschwigg - Bengals Added : 32/32 (COMPLETE!)


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Hey guys! I'm throwing a curveball. I'd talked about doing the NHL or the NBA next, but it turns out: I'm a big fat liar, and I've decided to take on the NFL. Just like my last league (The MLB, which you can find here), I'm more going for a refresh than a redesign. Some of the logos in the NFL are great as is, but could use a little bit of improvement. Some, on the other hand, are well overdue for an overhaul.

So, without further ado, here's the New Orleans Saints (Also, I'm going in no particular order, and will try to get a logo done every 2 or 3 days, time permitting.)


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Some input here...

First, it's too heavily outlined. It's just too much. I makes it look too bulky and heavy.

Also, the strokes/outlines. I can tell you used the offset path, and that makes it look bad. With the outline around the curved points it's a bad thing. Take the time to fix those up manually and make them clean, right now it looks messy.

For the logotype. The smooth curves and softness of the letters don't fit in with the sharp, hard lines of the logo. It looks like they don't belong together.

It's not bad, not bad at all, just my two cents.

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Thanks, all! Like last time, I'm probably going to do a few new entries before I get to C&C after I've had a chance to distance myself from it for a bit.

In any case - I've ALREADY come to a split-decision.

Here's two options for the new look Dolphins.



Edit: I'll be revisiting this - the more I look at it, the more I don't like the way I rendered the dolphin.

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The colors look really washed out, not a fan of that.

Some other thoughts...
The dolphin looks like a shark/swordfish hybrid. The fins are too wide, the dorsal fin is too sharp, the nose is too narrow. The tail actually looks like the back end of an airplane.
The sun looks like some sort of circular blade.
The logotype looks good for the most part. The "MIAMI" doesn't meld well with the Dolphins script. It's too hard and solid, while the the nickname script is smooth, curved and flowing.
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The DOLPHINS lettering is really nice (forget the Motre Dame monogram), the dolphin itself needs a little more bulk and a little less outline or shadow. Your version of the sun is actually quite good. The Saints FDL does not need a drop shadow or the extensive lining on the top of the middle part. As for the Saints lettering, it looks like the sign of a dreary tourist bar, of which there are plenty in NOLA, but this will not do for a football team. Separate town from team name and try different fonts.

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Thanks for the CC, guys! I completely agree with the remarks on the dolphin. In fact, I made note of it not long after I posted it haha!

"Edit: I'll be revisiting this - the more I look at it, the more I don't like the way I rendered the dolphin."

I'm going to nix it and start over with more of a dynamic pose. Check back later for a certain steel-town team.

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