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Your Team's Color-on-Color Opponents


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For the Broncos, the two best ones that are already rivals would be against Oakland in their blacks or San Diego in either dark blue or light blue, but I think light blue would work best. And then Denver could wear their blue uniforms against either KC or San Diego's light blues.


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I'd love to see the Dallas Stars green against the Nashville Predators yellow.

I'd like to see the Predators yellow against a whole lot of teams, actually. I'd prefer their road be yellow and home be blue. White an alternate, if anything.

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@TheoW: Really? I've always thought their standard home uniforms would be a great visual matchup. Gold-garnet-gold versus orange-blue-white

I'd also like to add Michigan vs Ohio State (football) as a dream color vs color matchup of mine.

Hotter Than July > Thriller

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Pacers (at Indiana only since I like the way the Knicks roads look on their court).

Yankees: MLB doesn't really offer many compelling color matchups, IMO.








In all of sports, though, I would have to say that Lakers-Celtics is probably my favorite color matchup since the colors are so stark and different on both courts. The differences between the two teams is almost trippy especially in LA.



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i saw a game several years ago (i think it was texas rangers vs. kc royals maybe) where both teams wore royal blue jerseys and white pants.. i'm almost positive.. and it if was grey pants on one team, they were not very grey.. it made certain situations awkward to watch (like a throw to 2nd where short is covering the bag, the 2nd baseman is backing him up, and the runner is at the base).. it was interesting to say the least..



1. Tennessee (esp. their monochrome orange to fully clash with bama's uni's)

2. Auburn (crimson vs white helmets, crimson vs. blue jerseys, white pants for both)

3. Ole Miss (crimson vs blue helmets, crimson vs blue jerseys, white vs grey pants)

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