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Your Team's Color-on-Color Opponents


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This isn't really a color-on-color, but I've always wished that Nebraska-Wisconsin would play each other in red-outs and white-outs. Especially now that they're both in the Big Ten West and will likely be the favorite two teams in the division most years.

It could even be a budding rivalry idea - the winner from last year gets to be "Big Red," regardless of which home stadium the game's at.

This picture is from a Husker scrimmage, but you get the idea.



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I'd love to see an "Egg Bowl" with Mississippi State in maroon and Ole Miss in blue, an "Iron Bowl" with Alabama in crimson and Auburn in blue, and Florida (blue) vs Tennessee (orange). Going back to my home state I'd love to see the Longhorns in orange and the Aggies in maroon.

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- Seahawks

- Rams

- Raiders

Utes Football


- Colorado

- Oregon

- Oregon State (black)


- Arizona (Navy)


- Nuggets

- Suns (Orange)

- Spurs (Which they did on Sunday BTW)

- Rockets

- Trail Blazers (Red)

The Jazz and Nuggets did color on color this season. It was the dark blue vs light blue. It looked horrible.

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vs Niners, Chiefs, Texans, Bucs or Falcons (red)

vs Cardinals (red), maybe Redskins

vs Broncos or Bengals (orange)

vs Chargers or Titans (powder blue)

vs Seahawks (gray)


for the most part, same as the Packers list, but replace the Titans with the Dolphins and Jaguars (teal)


since I've actually seen the Bucks wear color v color....I'll list what'd be done ideally...and what I've seen IRL.

=ideal: green=

vs Bulls, Rockets, Clippers, Hawks, Wizards, Sixers, Raptors, Pistons (red)

* a side note...I remember watching most of that Cowboys-Skins game, and while I prefer a darker burgundy for the Skins, I wish they hadn't worn it against navy. Which is why I didn't list the Heat.

vs Knicks, Suns (orange)

vs Lakers, Pacers, Nuggets, Cavs (gold)

vs Nuggets (powder blue)

vs Spurs (silver)

=ideal: red=

vs Hawks, HornetBobcats, Pelicans, Grizzlies, Pistons, Thunder, Mavs, Pacers, Jazz (navy)

vs Knicks, Sixers, Mavs, Pistons, Thunder, Magic, Clippers, Warriors (blue)

vs Celtics, Jazz (green)

vs Nets, Spurs, Bulls, Kings, Magic (black)

vs Suns, Kings (purple)

vs Cavs, Lakers, Pacers, Warriors (gold)

probably a few I missed, but whatever.

=historic pondering=

vs NJ Nets alt grays-it'd have to be red. I actually tried Nets gray vs Bucks green once playing Live 06...and swore to never do that again afterward, dark gray and dark green being way too close together huewise.

=actual: green=

at Knicks (throwback blue)

at Magic (black)

yes, sadly, these two uni matchus actually happened. Not in the same year, but still.


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