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Your Team's Color-on-Color Opponents


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This idea came to me from another thread where Color-on-Color match ups were being discussed, specifically in college football. Most everyone agrees that the USC-UCLA game looks FANTASTIC as a color versus color game, but what about YOUR team?

Which opponents would look best against your team in an all-color game? It doesn't have to be restricted to college football, but give your Top 3-5 picks, preferably against teams that are natural rivals or in the same conference / division / league. Obviously, similar-colored teams are not a great idea, so Alabama-Arkansas or USC-Arizona State aren't good choices.


Nebraska Cornhuskers (specifically football)

1. Michigan - the pairing of Scarlet & Cream versus Maize & Blue. The helmets (white / two-tone), the jerseys (red / blue) and the pants (white / maize) all contrast, giving this game great visual appeal.

2. Penn State - similar to Michigan, but not as flashy. Red versus Blue - everyone wears white.

3. Iowa - could make for an interesting Thanksgiving Weekend game, with Iowa's Black & Gold contrasting nicely against NU.


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For the Toronto Maple Leafs...

Montreal Canadiens- The Leafs' blue and white would pair nicely with the red, white, and blue Habs sweaters.

Detroit Red Wings- See this past Winter Classic. Blue and white vs red and white. Like that Penn State/Nebraska example.

Chicago Blackhawks- Another red sweater. Hey, red vs blue just works! In this case the blue and white of the Leafs against the 'Hawks red, white, and black.

Philadelphia Flyers- I think the blue of the Leafs would contrast nicely with the slightly faded orange the Flyers use.

I'm tempted to say the Ottawa Senators, but their red sweaters are terrible.

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For Penn State:

1) Nebraska/Wisconsin- Both teams have very similar color schemes and uniforms that contrast beautifully with PSUs.

2) Ohio State- Blue vs. Red/Silver

3) Temple/Alabama- Two out of conference/historical rivals (Bama is more of a friendly rivalry here due to JoePa/Bear). Similar reasoning as #1

Boston Bruins:

1) Montreal Canadiens: Black and Gold vs. Red and Blue would look beautiful together

2) New York Rangers: Same as above, but blue as primary is slightly less appealing

3) Philadelphia Flyers: Lots of black in this one, but the orange jerseys provide more than enough contrast.

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Ravens in purple against the Steelers would be cool. Dark, but cool.


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For the University of Washington:

Oregon - I'm not sure which of Oregon's colors they would wear, but just about any of them would work against UW's purple.

UCLA - if they wore their traditional light blue

WSU - is there enough difference between WSU's crimson and UW's purple?

Seattle Mariners - given they can go with a teal or navy jersey, they could match up against just about anyone in a color on color. I think a navy/red game against the Angels would look good, as would a teal/dark green game against the A's.

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-Florida (Blue)

-Clemson (Orange)

-Tennessee (Orange)

-North Carolina (Light blue)

St. Louis Cardinals (Hypothetical, since we don't wear red outside of Spring Training)

-Too many. Off the top of my head, we could do it vs. the Cubs, Brewers, Braves, Bucs, Astros, Royals, etc.



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Middle Tennessee:

vs. Western Kentucky (Red vs. Blue, traditional rivalry)

vs. North Texas (Green vs Blue, Black vs. Blue, Green vs. Black)

vs. Vanderbilt (Black vs, Blue)

vs. Tennessee (Orange vs. Blue, but they haven't played MTSU since the Blue Raiders stopped being a guaranteed win I think)

Possible on-the-rise: UAB


Florida vs. UGA or UT

Vanderbilt vs. UT or UK

Belmont basketball in RED vs. Lipsomb in PURPLE (or Blue vs. Gold)


Preds in Gold vs. Blues in Blue, or Preds in older Blue unis vs. Detroit

Grizzlies in Blue vs. Hawks in Red


Go Gators. Go Blue Raiders. Go Commodores. Go USC Trojans.

Preds & Avs.

Braves, Rays, & Dodgers.

Titans, Colts, Broncos, Cardinals.

Grizzlies. 14ers, Jam.

Team Spirit + Laziness = Yay.

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