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  2. Everytime I start to forget about that awful Heinz ketchup Pirates vest, one of you has to post this and remind me that it was a thing. Thanks, jerks!
  3. Canada is the only Team that uses the old nike jerseys.. all the other teams uses the new nike jerseys from the last olympics with edits like Slovakia For example in the last olympics we had Wordmark acros the chest instead of the national emblem..,this year it was a big thing about the logo beacouse the Slovakian ice hockey federation had chagne the logo so.. basicly we didnt know what was going to be the main logo on the jerseys until couple of days before the Championships.... as for the other jerseys similar designs,fonts,etc wich is not a bad thing for me personaly but i understant that someone can have problems with it.... the best looking jersey for me is the GB both versions...
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  5. I would take this in a heartbeat. I would love to see this logo on a helmet alongside the current helmet just for comparison's sake.
  6. I've used a number of these back when I played Madden on the PC more often. (I would not be beyond making some more though.) Here are a few of the ones I've used (Minus word marks, etc.) Sorry some are small I may post more, or not...
  7. Shoot, I don’t care if it’s the Majors, old men’s softball, or a tee-ball game, when the colors pop like they did in the Colorado-Baltimore game and contrast the way they did, it’s a good looking matchup.
  8. It just feels so.... Lazy
  9. This. I'm all for more color on color. But I'd like some sort of rules similar to European soccer to apply.
  10. The logo itself seems... underwhelming and seeing it on the roof of the former Air Canada Centre make the logo look worse...
  11. The unpopular opinions are that way.
  12. Overall I wonder why the templates are the same//very similar in some cases. With 9 teams they should have 9 distinct templates. But overall, I like the new unit, mostly not too different, but we'll see with the pants BC's orange on orange was a bit much with black helmets-I would prefer black pants. As to why we should care about the pants--well I watch the games--so I like a well done uniform on each team. Hopefully no black pants for the Stamps this year--glad that they are just going with the red helmets. So overall--so far, so good, except I agree with many about the Argos--they look boring--especially the whites.
  13. Well it won’t be held at the stadium, it will be held at some hall, or stage inside the city.
  14. BC's whites will look real sharp with the orange pants
  15. It looks just fine for two people meeting in the street. But it looks totally wrong for Major League Baseball.
  16. Both are okay but it doesn't stand out that great. If I have to choose which one... Option A.
  17. Yea I don't prefer color vs color but at least that's a nice pairing with two contrasting colors. There's a big difference between that and two dark colors or two similar colors.
  18. It's been a fun ride. And in case anyone still hasn't saved the links, here's where you can find the continuation of my Driveball series. Story: Concepts:
  19. Thank you SFF. It been a blast. Atleast I saved the USFL story so I can read it offline. That story inspired me to get better at storytelling. But atleast I have great people to talk to here. Which makes this section worth it for me. So long SFF. You had a great life. You earned this rest soldier. *holds a glass up for SFF*
  20. Here are the two future logo proposals back to back. Option A: Option B: C&C Welcome.
  21. Ladies and gentlemen, the new uniforms for the Detroit Roadsters: And an updated league poster with the new Roadsters logo: C&C Welcome.
  22. Nah, that’s actually a beautiful matchup. Two bright (but not neon) colors with great contrast. Looks amazing.
  23. What's lost in all this is the fact that the Raptors have home court advantage over the Warriors. These same Warriors lost 25 games this season, and two of those (the only two they played) were to the Raptors. The best thing that can happen for the Raptors is Kevin Durant coming back. Toronto in 6.
  24. That Orioles-Rockies game was beautiful and quite possibly my favorite uniform matchup of the season.
  25. There should be a rule against this sort of thing. This demonstrates that colour-vs.-colour is bad not only when the jerseys are close in shade, but in all cases. It's this sort of nonsense that made the 1979 World Series unwatchable, especially right after two straight Series involving the best-dressed teams.
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