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  2. Change for change sake doesn't make any sense especially if the fanbase is ok with the traditional look, especially when you've built a brand for a long time. Minor adjustments? Sure, fine. But ahould a team like the Raiders change lheir look because they've been losing for years? Hahaha. Tell that to their fanbase. If its not broke, don't go fixing it.
  3. I'm hoping we get extra time tonight. Still one more to go for Minnesota!
  4. Unless something miraculous happens, that's what we're about to get.
  5. For your halftime entertainment, everybody's favorite Eagles fan that @BringBackTheVet introduced to all of us back in 2015 (linked because you know it's NSFW in the slightest)
  6. Seeing the Roughriders wearing the green jersey under the dome at BC Place on Friday night was a rare site. Got me thinking when was the last time the Riders wore their green jerseys under a dome during a meaningful game, regular season or playoffs (not counting pre-season). All I can think of is 1989 Grey Cup in Skydome.
  7. The Villager's home shirt is a deep red base, with a brown neck and brown/grey accents on the sleeves. A light grey rectangle pattern is overlaid on top to create contrast and carry over the colour from the badge. Beaudry's away kit is slate white, with a deep red neck, brown/grey accented sleeves and features a sublimated pattern of light brown rectangles, echoing the pattern from the lower section of the crest, taken from the walls of the station.
  8. Honestly wouldn't have thought they'd be okay with that.
  9. Today
  10. *Rabid screaming while biting into a phonebook and clawing at the wallpaper*
  11. The lyric you are quoting doesn’t specify an authentic cap, just any cap with the NY logo
  12. I would hope they'd be ready before the holidays, but Brewers On Deck would be the absolutely latest I would expect them. Missing that opportunity would be a major fail. FWIW, have a tendency to unveil new uniforms at Brewers on Deck, such as the 2013 gold alts and the navy BiG alts from 2016.
  13. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, and you definitely don't have to agree with mine. But it's completely subjective to say your view is more valid than someone else's. The Knicks have updated their uniforms 9 times since their early 70's championships. The "history" and "tradition" of their current iteration (2012-present) include one single playoff appearance where they were bounced in the second round by Indiana. They currently have one of my least favorite looks in the league. If they changed their shorts stripes and design, that would be a good place to start. But again, that's just what I think; and at the end of the day it doesn't matter all that much.
  14. And didn’t they draft Trubisky a few weeks after committing big money to Mike Glennon? I don’t know which of those things is more sad.
  15. AND they traded up for him! From 3 to 2! When they could've EASILY gotten him at 2!
  16. The can mix and match, like the cowboys have worn the white color rush pants with their navy jerseys, and raiders have basically made a throwback wearing their silver pants with their color rush jerseys.
  17. It's basically a spreadsheet game - I am not much of a programmer, so I've constructed a rule set with simplified player ability values (alongside a more complex algorithm for development/aging/injury) and then a very simplified season resolution methodology. I've played Championship Manager of course - it has me do a lot of stuff that I'm not all that interested in. What I like are the building of leagues and movement of the teams up and down in them, and random player generation, so I have always intended to simulate the seasons pretty quickly. However, the sheer number of players I need to generate is going to probably prevent me from getting to any actual simming for a long time. I could do that task more quickly, but I kind of enjoy the process. Just using Excel and Access for now to keep track of records. Completing the creation of teams is a more realistic task in the short run, up to 15% done now and about to work on the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex which will have about 43 teams. The more I keep reading this forum, the more I want to try to post some team designs. We'll see.
  18. Just looked it up. Apparently a couple of Minnesota D3 schools played each other yesterday. First football game in stadium history too.
  19. They got them on the helmets, jerseys would be like teams the put the same logos on their sleeves as on their helmets.
  20. Their navy/light blue/navy combo was hot garbage today...titans unis are just are just as bad as tampa.
  21. He'll eventually end up back in the NFL.
  22. It took much longer than you'd expect, but it looks like U of M fans are finally turning on Harbaugh.
  23. Although Randy spent nearly 6 full season in the Expos organization including his minor league career. I'd say Pedro developed with the Dodgers and Randy with the Expos if you look at who they signed with, spent all or most of their young minor league seasons with and who they came up with.
  24. The Fillies are going to need a rival. Who better than the Lionesses of Queen City? The logo is a retake of my own FC Cinci redesign, but the lion has been made less masculine.
  25. I find it hilarious that Arkansas State wore essentially an Oregon uniform and is getting crapped all over for it. Meanwhile Oregon could literally come out on the field dressed in monochrome lavender with puke green helmets and and be praised by people for their ingenuity, which would then also be debated by both sides in a 300 post thread. Nike and Oregon have us all on a leash and we should stop taking the bait.
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