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  1. Uni-Watch reporting that the White Sox will be wearing 1976 throwbacks for a game in late July.
  2. Good update for the 'Stros. Better than what they currently wear. Can I ask how you determine for this series which teams get a full-on reimagining (i.e. Colorado and Minnesota) and which get only a minor tweak (such as Houston)?
  4. Once you do the Pearson Cup (Jays/Expos) it would be awesome if one of the Toronto uniforms could be based on the Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.
  5. Haha, you went all out for the series finale! These designs are nuts in the best way possible. Also, since I'm kinda OCD--In case you want to re-title this thread, the Marlins/Rays games are commonly referred to as the "Citrus Series." I don't really consider this the "series finale" seeing as I know what you have planned for the 'spin-off' series (I'm really looking forward to your Lone Star Series concepts) but I can honestly say this has been one of the most entertaining series to follow in my time on these forums. I'm a big fan of your work and will continue to follow it in the future.
  6. Nice work on the Tigers. I for one really like the thick placket on the road gray. Only complaints are that the orange home alternate might be a bit *too* orange (I'd find a way to work some blue in there, at least in the cap) and the "Tigers" script as the sleeve patch on the navy alternate doesn't do much for me. I think a simple "D" logo would be far more effective. Dodgers look pretty much the same save for the new sleeve patch. I expected some sort of alternate.
  7. This color scheme is actually really nice for the Dbacks. I don't like the color combinations for the caps, though. Orange with a black brim and a green logo is a bit odd. The collar is a little funky but fun nonetheless.
  8. It would be cool if you could incorporate elements of the International League Marlins team from the 1950s into your Marlins concept.
  9. Nice work on the last two. Pretty conservative compared to some of your previous concepts in this series. Not sure I like that block "C" on the Sox cap but the old school logo looks good with their current uniform and colors. The Reds primary logo kind of reminds me of the Pringles guy.
  10. Your Rockies concept is absolutely inspired. Replacing the traditional road gray with light purple/lavender is genius. I like the old school/late '70s-80s feel of the concept. The only thing that's not working for me is the angled lines on the alternate. Nice work on the Indians, too. Your recolorization of Chief Wahoo makes him a little less ridiculous. I would suggest making the blue a bit darker though because right now the cap looks too much like what the Cubs wear.
  11. Love this set! The home unis for both teams are really strong in particular. No nitpicks whatsoever. Looking forward to the Citrus Series!
  12. One suggestion I have for the Twins--The script on the road jersey should be larger and maybe lowered down the placket a bit. Right now it looks just a bit too scrunched up near the collar. Otherwise, I must be in the minority because I really like this concept!
  13. Hmm....I think the logo looks good on the jersey, but not so good on the cap. I also think for it to work 100% on the jersey, something needs to be done with the bottom tail of the "S"...
  14. Wow, great job on the last couple teams. The Rays and Twins in particular look great. Very unique. The script and caps for the Twins are crazy! I really appreciate that you're not just tweaking these teams' current uniforms put pretty much reimagining them from scratch. Black and red is an interesting choice for the Braves. However, I just hope you don't plan to use that scheme for any other teams later in the series (such as the White Sox). If you decide to tinker with the Braves might I suggest pairing red with brown instead of black?
  15. Very nice. I will say, though, I think you need to thicken up the "S" a bit to make it consistent with the new 'o' and 'x.'
  16. I was originally going to be really critical of your initial concept but the upper right edit you just posted solves all the problems I had with it. I think the negative space between the 'o' and 'x' is most obviously a sock in that version. I wouldn't mind seeing a whole White Sox uniform concept utilizing this new logo.
  17. Nice concept. Not an improvement over their current set, but a good job at incorporating the flag colors and imagery into the Cubs' look. For the royal blue alternate, try reversing the colors on the script so the "Cubs" is in red with a powder blue outline.
  18. If you picked a decent template, this could be one of the better Rockies concepts I've seen.
  19. What if you flipped the stitches on the baseball so they ran sort of parallel to the two teal lines at the bottom of the logo?
  20. Anyone follow the Chris Creamer Twitter account? He's been tweeting suggestions for the Blue Jays to wear as throwbacks every year. Some really great minor league Tuniforms I never knew existed.
  21. The gray lettering on the Mets alternate doesn't work for me. Everything else is great, though!
  22. Not a fan of the "C" logo on the caps or the full team name on the alternate. Also, I might go with a darker shade of blue. I do like the home and road primaries, though.