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  1. Nice, tasteful A's set. Love the yellow alternate with the elephant crest--very creative.
  2. This is one of the reasons I hope you incorporate the 1983 uniform into your White Sox concept. The jersey has seen a remarkable resurgence in popularity ever since the Sox started wearing it as a Sunday alternate last year, and the throwbacks were so well received that they've become a permanent fixture in the team's wardrobe. By all accounts the uniform wasn't very popular when it was originally used (certainly not amongst non-Sox fans) but you're likely to see just as many fans sporting the '80s look as their current look at games these days.
  3. Could you explain your design process with this project, David? Do you try to focus on incorporating the uniforms that were most popular, the longest-lived, or just the ones that appeal to you most?
  4. It's amazing how such a subtle tweak can completely change your opinion of a design. I'm sold on the new cap logo now.
  5. I'm going to echo Veras' thoughts here. I do like the logo for what it is, but I think the original "A" logo looks a lot better on the caps.
  6. Brilliant! I do miss the "a" logo, but I understand your not wanting to use it. Awesome job incorporating the halo hats, too.
  7. Any chance you'll be incorporating any of the Angels' Disney era uniforms into your Angels concept? The vests and pinstripes were awful, but I always liked the wing that was attached to the "A" on the "Angels" wordmark.
  8. David posted an updated version of the Brewers set that uses white lettering on the front, which makes the green work much, much better than that first attempt.
  9. I agree that the red socks are an improvement. Other than that, I think the Astros set is perfect.
  10. coco1997

    Menards Logo

    Very nice. I was actually at my local Menards a few days ago and noted how old-fashioned the store logo looked. Good work.
  11. I love this concept. The heart-shaped KC logo is a bit unorthodox but looks great, IMO.
  12. You nailed the Giants, David. Really glad you decided to incorporate the cursive "San Francisco" wordmark. Can't wait to see what you've cooked up for Houston.
  13. Most AL teams have maintained a pretty consistent look their whole existence (Yankees, Red Sox, Royals, Tigers, Mariners, Orioles, Twins) while a handful (White Sox, Astros, Blue Jays) have changed frequently, and sometimes radically, over the years. In other words, I don't think you're going to run into these kinds of wildly differing opinions with most of the AL teams.
  14. I think it'll be difficult to justify using blue as a primary color if David is going to incorporate the tequila sunrise stripes (which I sincerely hope he does).
  15. First Astros logo is definitely superior. Can you put together a revised concept set using the updated Giants uniforms, David?
  16. That cursive "San Francisco" script looks fantastic. Would it be breaking the rules of the project to use that on the road uniform?
  17. Great concept, David. The Giants fans here seem to have some pretty specific ideas so I'll stay out of this one.
  18. Wish I had some design suggestions for the Giants, but I'll leave it to the Giants fans here to guide that ship!
  19. Just gotta say that this is by far my favorite concept series ever on this forum. Many of the designs that I wasn't initially sold on (Brewers, Marlins) have totally grown on me. Keep up the amazing work.