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2015-16 Soccer Kits and News


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This year is the first time we've really seen Nike be lazy with their templates.

Y'all keep saying this, but there's a mound of evidence that suggests otherwise. Anyone remember the pool-ball template?





Good point. I tried to forget those monstrosities. At the same time, adidas and Puma really only used one template as well. Man United had a goofy collar and avoided the opposite colored nameplate.

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MLS has a new number font to go with the launch of MLS Next. All numbers appear to have a slash through them like the new crest. Still awaiting word on if the bottom half of the numbers will be used as a window to teleport fans into and out of the world of mathematics.

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I got a good look at them at the NYCFC unveiling today:


(Ignore the purplish color)

I like them. I liked the font before, and while I'm not usually a fan of making designs busier this works for me. They're certainly carrying the new branding forward.

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Meanwhile, on this side of the Atlantic, Norn Iron have a new home shirt...


The design features a contrasting 'belt' like the recently unveiled Orlando City shirt. Something we'll be seeing on a few Adidas designs next season, then?

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Yeah it's a nice one, I particularly like the full "Toronto Football Club". While the current badge has never done much for me, it would be a pretty radical departure to adopt something close to the Academy crest now, and I can't see it happening. Also, where did the eagle come from?

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Never knew about that academy logo until now. I think the eagle could be from Toronto's crest, but that may be a longshot.


Regardless of its origin, it looks very nice, although I wonder if people would say that it'd be too similar to DC United's eagle logo. I think that if remade right, it could be made into a new crest for the club without looking too much like DC.

In other news that Wales home kit looks nice.

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A bit more gold would have been nice too. Looks as if the collar has a bit of the gold, but nowhere else.

I have a feeling this large hem stripe might be adidas "thing" this coming year, kind of how the back shoulder stripe was last year.

Yeah, agreed on all of this.

I don't know, the more I look at this, the less I like it.


Socks have a thick white stripe at the top too to match?

The new MLS logo looks more professional on the jerseys. Up close I thought it was really boring, but I'm thinking it kinda works now! However, it still needs something soccer related in it. Serie A has the center of the pitch in their logo, Premier League and La Liga both have a ball, Bundesliga has a player silhouette, etc.

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