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San Jose Sharks Rebrand | UPDATE | Jan. 24

Go Red Sox!

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This is my rebrand of the San Jose Sharks. I never really liked the look of the current Sharks logos and word marks. Therefore I decided to not redesign the shark biting the hockey stick in two. The new shark is less cartoonish, patrolling around and looking for new prey in the form of teams.

Also gone is the color black. I replaced it with a very dark, blueish teal – darker than the one the Sharks used in their early days. This color will be the primary color of the Sharks. Aqua is the new secondary color and shark gray has replaced the rather unpopular orange.

The famous triangle is still present, indicating the Sharks are not just a team for the fans in San Jose, but for the entire Bay Area, San Francisco and Oakland, as well. Hope you like it!


Current primary logo


Before After


Logo Chart


Primary logo detail


Secondary logo detail


Secondary logo detail


Secondary logo detail


Word mark

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The two side fins (especially the shark's left fin) seem a little off to me; similarly, the top fin seems a little to narrow and curved.

Another change, I would look into adding depth to the mouth area. Right now the teeth design makes the mouth area feel flat.

I love the roundel font, but I am not a huge fan of the notches in the SJ part.

Other than that, I love the design, the colors and the logo package.

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This logo set is fantastic. Although you could improve the primary by making either the shark bigger or the triangle smaller, and losing the SJ. As it is now the shark gets a bit lost in the triangle.

A thing I don't like about their existing brand is the standalone shark, it doesn't work too well without the triangle. Your rendition on the other hand in strong enough to be the primary logo by itself.

Love the colour scheme too, don't think anyone's tried that for the Sharks before.


PotD: 24/08/2017

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Practically knocked it out of the park the first try, good job.

I have a couple of issues with the primary logo. The tail reads really weird, I have to look at it a couple of times before I get that it's wrapping around the triangle. At first glance, it looks like the light-teal part is the end of the tail and then below it is some weird incongruous dark shape. Also, I think you should keep the SJ in the logo to fill the negative space, but with the angle of the letters, especially the J, being just slightly off from the angle of the triangle, it's a bit jarring.




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I hate your creativity man, I really do.

While I'm a fan of a hint of orange in the Sharks color scheme, this is outstanding. My one complaint is the outline of the wordmark is too thin. I would beef it up a slight bit, or just go monotone. But other than that, great job.


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