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Nike Or Adidas?


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When it comes to sporting equipment, the two everyone goes for is either Nike or Adidas. After hearing news about Tennessee University going to Nike and Arizona State going to Adidas, I wanted to know which is the better brand?

I just want to know who you think produces the better equipment. It can range from soccer, american football, basketball, etc.

I personally think Adidas is best when it comes to Soccer.52b15990cdd3cb1ac4a4bfa65467b375_crop_no

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Nike at their best is miles ahead of everyone else. Look at what Oregon was wearing today. Look at what Brazil was wearing at the World Cup this past year. When they are on point, they blow everyone else away. Adidas shoehorns the three stripes into everything they can and they're responsible for the sleeved jerseys in the NBA. Need I say more?

That being said, Adidas has done some good work (Chelsea and Germany), and Nike has had some duds (the 2014 Olympic hockey jerseys) but all in all, Nike is better.

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I'm very surprised by the responses. The thing is there are things that each company excels in. Templating is very common for both brands but I guess the Tri Stripes are more noticable. I have always preferred Adidas because it always felt less cheap. Nike Soccer materials feel silky and easily rip-able. I also like the Tri Stripes in socket because it's not over bearing in my opinion and acts as a necessary contrast over the single colour Nike look. Adidas is also very good at changing the actual material patterns in soccer jerseys (2014 Russia, 2014 Toronto FC to name a few) That said, Nike does a great use in sublimating designs.

In terms of hockey, Nike jerseys just bug me. They feel cheap as hell, use way too much sublimation (in hockey, that's a big no-no in my eyes). But that is recent 2012-present Nike. Their older Hockey jerseys were great. Reebok (Adidas) pretty much owns every Hockey Jersey even with that odd curved hem. Also Nike number/shoulder patches look too compressed. So in other words, Reebok looks more traditional in my opinion.

In Football, I say Nike all the way. Tough material, mostly good looks, Reebok just farts around with too much materials and patterning at times that it's a little much for me. Haven't paid much attention to MCAA Jerseys much so no comment.

Basketball, I really like Adidas. It's a simple, breathable jersey. Whenever I see Nike ones, they always seem too try-hard with ventilation and sublimation on the back. However, sleeves need to go and whoever a idea to make stupid one colour uniforms and stupid Chrome Christmas junk needs to stop.

As a really bad designer, I feel that it's best to appreciate each brands offerings. I always try to mix it up with mainly Adidas and Nike, Puma in third place for Soccer and then UA, Umbro, and whatever else is relevant. I don't know if I can say there is one clear winner, it depends on the league and teams. Since in North America, the companies own the whole league, it's hard to get an idea of what other brands offer. That's the end of my little rant thing though lol

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