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What should be the general uniform guidelines for your favorite league?


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I was just thinking of this today while driving and would love to hear your thoughts on this:

If you became the commissioner for your favorite league, or the branding director, or whatever, what type of guidelines would you apply to your league that all teams can follow. Of course there will be a FEW exceptions here and there because of their history or tradition or preferences whatever.

So, how many jerseys should each team have? Does the city/state name HAS to be on the road jerseys or no? Do they HAVE to be made by a certain company or no? Whatever.

Here's my thoughts off the top of my head for MLB:

- All teams must have at least 2 jerseys, home whites and road grays

- Teams are allowed to have up to 2 alternate jerseys to be worn at any time. This includes throwbacks, camos, whatever.

- Teams may have one throwback to be worn for ONE game. (Exceptions may be made for a year-long celebrations, such as Wrigley Field's 100th Anniversary where the Cubs wore 10 throwbacks)

- All Opening Day Games must be white vs gray, the same goes for the All-Star Game.
- Team name must be on the home whites (monograms are fine if that's how the team works, like the Yankees).

- City/State names must be on the road grays (monograms are fine if that's how the team works, like the Giants).

- ABSOLUTELY no similar color-on-color match-ups UNLESS the team's colors are different enough. For example, no Cubs blue vs. Brewers' navy. But Giants' oranges vs. Rockies purple are fine.

That's just a few things that I thought up for MLB. I sorta made these up as I typed along, so some of my ideas may be a little too vague, but it's just a starting point for you guys.

What do you guys think? Should there be more than 1 helmets in NFL? Should the NBA put a limit on their holidays, foreign, one-offs, etc uniforms? Should the NHL have whites at home and colors on the road? How would you do it?

Eager to hear your thoughts!

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Ill go baseball first (NL/AL)

(Side note, in what I say the following is assumed to have happened: The AL and NL have separated from MLB and reestablished two 100% different leagues and business entities[Not important to this, but I have also eliminated interleague play])

Umpires: I know the unions wanted it to be combined, but go back to having separate leagues the umpires will have their league logos on the chest instead of the MLB logo

The Umpires will wear light blue in games above 25(77) degrees with local start times of 16h35 all all games that start beforehand will also wear light blue

If below and for night games (about 18h00 or later), the umpires will be wearing black uniforms.

The umpires will, if a team is wearing a blue or black jersey, revert to the other colour for the game, as not to clash with the players in the game.

The cap of the umpire will always be a black cap with the league logo on front, and the MLB logo on back.


In place of the MLB logo on the back of the cap, a team coloured league logo will be placed on the rear of the cap, but the team coloured MLB logo will remain on the neck of the jersey.

Each team will have a primary home white and road grey which each must be worn 42 times to ensure that the primary white and primary grey jerseys are the jersey worn the most. An alternate jersey may only be worn up to 41 times a season on both the home and road, to the same effect to the above.

Each team may have a maximum of two caps in a regular rotation, with the logos being required to match in colour and design. For example, the Pirates alt hat is a no go, but something like the Orioles white and black hats are okay for usage. There will be a grandfather rule in for current home and away hats(ie, A's), but no for current alt hats(Ie, red sox).

Teams may introduce special caps for oneoffs(ie, canada day, memorial day, 4th), but cannot be part of the regular jersey rotation. They may however, be their batting practice caps. Batting practice caps however, must NEVER be worn with regular jerseys, and all jerseys worn in the regular season must not be a BP jersey(im looking at you blue jays canada day 2014)

Monograms, with the exception of teams currently using them and throwbacks, will be grandfathered in, but no new teams may introduce them into the linup.

Whites and greys must be worn for Opening day, ASG, and the entirety of the playoffs

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-Up to 2 helmets allowed per team (including throwback unless a one off)

-3 uniforms allowed per year (+one throwback but must be a one off or else is considered your third)

-3 pants allowed per year (same deal with throwbacks)

-Unlimited sock options

-No single color can be used as a primary by 8+ (1/4th) of the teams in the league. Example: Blue can only be a primary color for eight teams

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In baseball, I'd try to get the alternate jersey free-for-all under control. If I were in charge of MLB;

1. Every team must have a white home uniform (pants and jersey) and a gray, or gray substitute road uniform (again, pants and jersey) that will be each team's primary uniform.

2. This primary uniform MUST be worn for the majority of games in each 3 or four game series. Alternates can only be worn once by each team per series, and can never be worn by both teams at once. The home team gets first choice as to when (or if) they want to wear their alt.

3. Every player's socks must be at least partially (say 4 to 6 inches) visible.

In football, I'd go with this;

1. Every team must declare a primary uniform (jersey, pants, and socks)... not just jersey. This primary combination must have a contrast of color between the jersey and pants, and between the pants and socks, and will be worn for at least 6 of the home games. Dark monochrome uniforms will be considered alternate uniforms, and therefore can only be worn twice a year at most.

2. There must ALWAYS be a contrast of color between the pants and socks, home and road... no exceptions.

3. With the exception of white or other light colored pants (yellow, gold, silver, etc...) all game pants must have a stripe or stripe-like graphic covering no less than 2/3rds the length of the pants.

4. Alternate uniforms will not be worn on sunday night, monday night, or any playoff games.

I have spoken.

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4. Alternate uniforms will not be worn on sunday night, monday night, or any playoff games.

I have spoken.

SKOL! I've always felt the same way in football and baseball as well. When a game is on national TV, all teams should wear their best option, which is usually the home whites, road grays for MLB and their primary home/road for NFL.

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MLB: Only home whites and road grays are to be worn on Opening Day and for all playoff games (Wild Card play-in game thru the World Series). Every player is to show at least 6" of his socks (no stirrups - full socks only because a lot of players don't know how to properly wear stirrups) and every player's pants must at least cover his knees (no more "biker shorts" look - yes, I'm looking at you, Hunter Pence!).

NFL: The pants color and the top of the sock color must contrast (no more "leotard" look). The only exception would be white pants and white socks, as long as there are stripes at the top of the socks.

NHL: White jerseys at home, colored jerseys on the road (right now, every game looks the same). For example, every Blackhawks home game is red vs. white, every Maple Leafs home game is blue vs. white, etc. White jerseys at home will bring more color variety to each team's home games. Original 6 matchups are to be color vs. color unless the colors clash (Det/Mtl, Det/Chi, Chi/Mtl, Tor/NYR).

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- 1 white home jersey, 1-2 coloured away jerseys

- you can choose from one of the coloured jerseys for every away game (so theres no limit on how often you can wear the alternate jersey)

- you can wear a fourth alternate jersey every three years (that includes throwbacks, special city pride uniforms and so on -> so the Heat couldn't have done their mess)

- every team can decide for their own if they want to put the team name or city name on the home or away shirts (could be a logo too)

- you can wear a coloured jersey maximum 7 times a season on home games

- no sleeves

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-Each team is allowed a second helmet FOR THROWBACKS ONLY, simply to bring back all of the amazing throwbacks we have missed the last two years

-The facemask must be a different color than the helmet shell

-Each players' jerseys' sleeves are required to be at least 5 inches long and must feature undisrupted stripe patterns if that is the teams look. No more cut sripes due to short sleeves

-Each team can only wear their away uniform at home ONCE, no more regular white at home teams. Teams that used white at home primarily in their history (70% or more of their home games) may apply to be grandfathered in (Cowboys)

-Each uniform cannot use more than two colors other than white. Two shades of blue / silver count as two colors each which would be illegal. Looking at you Dallas

-Sidepanels on the jersey must match the side stripes on the pants.

-Helmet shell must have ONE sinle main color.

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1. must declare a home color and stick with it all year long. no white one week and green the next.

2. no league or manufacturer logos on the outside of the pants or jerseys.

3. sleeves must extend to mid-bicep.

4. no socks over the kneecaps. knees must be covered by pads and pants only. adios, bicycle shorts.

5. no more "pinktober" or Super Bowl patches unless it's a milestone SB.

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-One home jersey (dark)

-One road jersey (white)

-One alternate jersey (dark) to be worn no more than 10x per season

-One throwback (either) to be worn 3x per season

-No numbers on the front of any jersey (except for certain throwback jerseys)

-No ads on uniforms.

-No white pants, skates, or gloves.

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-White (or gold) at home in the NHL, NBA, and MLB. (I miss seeing the different coloured away jerseys)

-You can only wear 2 jerseys in the playoffs, a 3rd jersey is allowed, but it must be declared your home or away jersey before the playoffs start

-No front jersey numbers (NHL)

-NFL should abandon their helmet rule (players often use a few different helmets every year anyways).

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