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Worst uniform matchups?

Diamond Dweller

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I feel like Oregon and Oregon State tend to have more "hits" than "misses" but this color-on-color combo for the 2013 Civil War was pretty intense to the eye. Not a lot of neutral colors or much contrast; it's like somebody turned up the Saturation level in Photoshop to "ludicrous speed."


my brains are going into my feet!
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This looks like some "early-90's alternate universe" match-up between the Dolphins & Seahawks

I didn't notice this until now but that Surge uniform looks like the Miami Dolphins set but with the Surge logo on it. I also imagine that the current Seahawks uniforms would have been the current stage evolution of the Thunder uniforms.

That actually reminds me, I wonder if the WLAF stuck around what the evolution of the uniforms/logos would have looked like.

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A real joke seing these guys compete for the national championship every year in these clownish generic uniforms...

No they don't. These were both new uniforms.

New clownish generic uniforms every year for the tournament was what I implied...

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