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Northern Michigan University is preparing to unveil new logos in April.


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For about two years the school has been working on both rebranding, and redesigning the academic and athletic logos. An outside consultant was brought in to design them both, but not before getting plenty of feedback from current students, alums, staff and community members.


"Both of our logos were created and designed 80s style, said NMU Spokesperson Derek Hall. "We did a lot of research and with the updated logo for the wildcat we kept the same profile, just updated it. We looked at the history of the institution and there's certain icons that really stand out so we have a nod to history that I think it represents us well as an academic institution."


NMU is planning to unveil the logos April 6th.

This quote is from this article here on the matter.



Here is their current athletics logo.


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It's a solid look compared to its predecessor, and although it's nothing groundbreaking, it accomplishes what it's supposed to - the university no longer has an outdated logo. One small complaint would be that the lettering and cat are somewhat dis-joined in the vertical arrangement, but I think they did a nice job giving the fur on this wildcat a 'wild' feel and avoided a having a smooth coat.

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19 hours ago, stumpygremlin said:

I could tell right away that it was a Rickabaugh cat. That's not a good thing. Their cats all look the same.


See Northwest Missouri State, Abilene Christian, Western Carolina, and now NMU. (And I'm sure there are more I'm not thinking of.)



I am so sick of the same logo coming out for all schools/teams.  There is no more creativity in logo design, its a click and fill template of bold outlines and cartoon features.



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If the neck cut was more jagged it might look a little better.


Agreed. I think the neck is the only thing that's bugging me. Everything else imo, is a great update.

If you watch the video on the link posted here, at 1:34 a logo pops up that I think has a way better neckline.

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