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Old Uniforms That Are Better Than Their Current Uniforms

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After searching the site for this thread and coming up with surprisingly nothing I'll start it off. What teams old/classic/vintage uniforms do you prefer over their current ones?


I'll take the easy route and say the old Capitals threads. They aren't the best jerseys in the world but I'd say they edge out the current rendition.


If I'm blind and this thread does already exist please comment and I'll take this one down.


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4 minutes ago, hockey week said:

On this board, it's going to literally be "all of them". So let's just wrap it up now, it's ALL OF THEM.


Yeah, every old look has their fans here, and eventually all old looks get posted in threads like this (regardless of their actual quality). Besides, there's already a thread for it:


Thread here (maybe the mods should merge), along with a similar thread about current looks that are better than vintage identities. I'd like to see more posts in the latter, to demonstrate that we aren't all nostalgia-obsessed.

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@BenLueckDesigns, there is no specific thread on that topic because it is a theme that pretty much sneaks it's way into every single thread here anyway. It's pretty much universally agreed upon that most teams that have changed their look used to look better than they do now. I think that a more interesting question would be "What teams look better now than they ever have?"

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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