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Does anyone have a basketball jersey template with shading/wrinkles that is compatable with Photoshop? If so, I can PM you my e-mail.



Did mine fail? :P

I think Shumway's also had that shadowness to it.

No, I'm also looking for a non-action template to go along with the action one.

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THere's a good t-shirt template on vectorportal.com, under TEMPLATES. It's the one I use.

Off on a slight tangent here I know but has anyone been able to download the red Revolution Football helmet by Crash from the vectorportal site? The link for it is messed up and every time you try to download it you get another version of the Revo helmet by another artist. I tried using the link for the one by the other artist in the hope that the url's had just been switched over by mistake but no such joy. :(

I appreciate the link may always have been wrong but I'm hoping someone out there may have the one I'm looking for and be willing to share it. If anyone could help out with this one that's be great and much appreciated.


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