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Major League Stadiums


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Which one's have you been to and which are your favorites and least favorites.

Ive been to 7, both NY's. Baltimore, Tampa, San Francisco, LA, and San Diego.

My favorites have been SBC Park in San Francisco, and Camden Yards in Baltimore. My least favorite is probably Shea Stadium, but thats the only one that I have been to more than once, and I go there probably about 3 times a year, so it kind of gets boring.

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I've been to Tropicana Field, Comerica Park, Minute Maid Park, and old Tiger Stadium. I dont remember Tiger Stadium that much since the last time I was there, I was about 5, but of the other 3 Ive been to, I like Minute Maid the best followed closely by Comerica and then Tropicana

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I've been to just three MLB parks thus far. Coors Field (Rockies), Bank One Ballpark (D-Backs), and the Ballpark at Arlington (Rangers).

The best of the three ballparks without a doubt is "The BOB". Their retractable roof is pretty sweet and they keep that bad boy air conditioned quite well. :)

There is no least favorite. The other two are pretty nice as well.


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I've been to 4: 3 current and 1 defunct:

Rogers Centre- Toronto, ON

McAfee Coliseum- Oakland, CA

Jacob's Field- Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Stadium- Cleveland, OH

I'd say Jacob's Field was my favourite out of those. Awesome atmosphere, awesome architechure, and used to have an awesome team.

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Been to Yankee Stadium more times than I can count. Been to a few games at Shea. Also been to PNC, Camden Yards, Wrigley Field, US Cellular, Miller Park, Busch, and Fenway Park.

The worst were Fenway, Busch, Shea. I couldn't see a thing at Fenway, there was a guy wearing a hood that blocked my view of the field. He was a few rows down and he was sitting (he was an average hieght man). Yea Fenway is historic but it sucks. Busch and Shea are the same stadium except Busch is closed off.

The best were the 2 Chicago Stadiums, I loved them.

I also liked Camden but wasn't a fan of PNC.

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Ive been to Comerica, Tiger Stadium Olympic (toured it, no game), and SkyDome.

The best was by far Comerica, it has a great view, awesome atmosphere, and your so close to the action.

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I've been to the Kingdome, Metrodome, and Safeco. Obviously, Safeco is the best of those without a doubt.

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I've been to...

Fenway Park (Boston)

Safeco Field (Seattle)

Yankee Stadium (The Toilet)

Bank One Ballpark (Arizona)

...I might be missing one, I feel like I am...anyway, my obvious favorite is Fenway, you can't beat that place no matter what...although Safeco was REALLY, really nice.

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I have been to Camden Yards twice, Coors Once, Fulton County once and will be going to Great American next month.

Fulton County was a total craphole it was 2 weeks before the olympics in 96 and you tell it was a ballpark in its final year they just didn't care about it anymore.

Coors and Camden yards is a tie for me, if I had to give a slight edge it would be Denver simply because there is no site quite like watching a sunset with the Rocky Mountains in the background. I have heard great things about Great American so I might change my mind next month about my favorite park.

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For games I have been to Great American Ball Park(but only once, and I live in Cincinnati. It was in the parks first year against the Dbacks.)

PNC Park(Pirates vs Brewers),Kaufman Stadium(Royals vs White Sox),Rogers Centre(back when it was SkyDome, Blue Jays vs Orioles) Riverfront Stadium(many games) .

I have toured:Fenway Park(there was a college league game going on though), SAFECO Field, Olympic Stadium(It was dark, erie, and musty inside), and Coors Field.

I have seen in person but not toured or went to game:US Cellular Field(two occasions, we drove past on our way to a Blackhawks-Avalanche game, and on a trip to Milwaukee to see an Admirals-Ducks playoff game this year). Mile High Stadium(remember the Rockies played their first two seasons there, also saw Invesco Field@Mile High,on the same day we toured Coors Field, and Pepsi Center), Busch Stadium(saw it in from above in the Arch), Miller Park(saw it the day of that Ducks-Ads game, strange enough the Brewcrew were playing the Reds at the time we passed it.)

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I've been to Yankee Stadium, Shea, The Vet, Camden Yards, Tropicana Field, Olympic Stadium, Candlestick, Pac Bell, Dodger Staduim, Anaheim (while they were building the mountain in the outfield), and Oakland.

The best is Pac Bell the sightlines, and amenities are great and its positioning makes it a lot better weatherwise to watch a game.

The worst was Tropicana Field. I went in 1998 where I sat down the left field line the lights in right field were shining directly into my eyes. The sound system was cranked up way too loud and the team was dismal.

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I've only been to Tropicana Field. What a hole. The Rays would be better off playing all their games at their spring training stadium.

better yet, go play at Legends Field, the Yanks spring home

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I've been to all the current NL Central stadiums expect PNC and Minute maid. I've never been to pittsburg or houston so, perhaps someday I'll make it there.

Wrigley was the best experience, but Busch always has a special place in my heart. I'm very excited to see the new Busch. What they did to change a crappy cookie cutter multi purpose stadium into a premier baseball stadium is quite amazing. The food is awful though, hopefully they'll get better in the new stadium. Which looks awesome btw as its going up. Really amazing how fast some of the things come together. I usually only drive by it once or twice a month, and it seemed over the course of 2 months, it went from just a few towers built, to being nearly fully enclosed.

Miller Park was very nice, and the ability go move around everywhere and not get hassled, and be able to watch teh game without obstruction was really cool. There are places there that you can watch the game live, and listen to Bob Uecker broadcast the game without headphones. Its really too bad that Bernie Brewer's keg didn't make the cut for the new stadium.

Great American Ballpark didn't impress me that much. It was a nice stadium, but there wasn't anything that cool about it. the steamboat is unique, but the food wasn't that great, and it reminded me of new comisky. (which i've never been to, but from seeing on tv and stuff) IE, the stadiums built before the "retro" era started.

I also went to Turner Field in Atlanta, and that was alot like Great American to me. Cool and all, but nothing amazing.

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Rogers Centre & Exhibition Stadium (numerous times for RC, once for ES)

Jacobs Field (numerous) & Cleveland Municipal Stadium (twice)

Three Rivers Stadium (twice) & PNC Park (4 times)

Olympic Stadium (once)

Tropicana Field

Dolphins Stadium (for baseball and football)

Turner Field (once)

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I've been to Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium, PETCO Park, Dodgers Stadium, Angels Field, and Oakland Colesium (1987 All-Star HR Derby, Old Timers Game and Skills Comp). Favorite is PETCO with Angels Field a close second. I'm really looking forward to making trips out to Coors, Bank One, Safeco, SBC, Jacobs and more in coming years.

Petco...well it's home. The Park out in CF with the big screen TV out there for replays. The exterior is beautiful, the field is amazing and coming up the first base steps to the concourse and seeing that western Metal Building in Left Field is just awesome. The first time I made that trip I was awestruck for sure. Then there's the nice touches like the little waterfall wall as you come in on the home plate side, the Palm Court Plaza in LF, the store, the kids beach in CF and the towers. Add to that MUCH improved hot dogs this year and a mission bell (don't forget the Rally Shillelagh) and I think other parks will be hard pressed to beat this one out. I've seen about 20 games there already and it still hasn't gotten old to me yet.

Angels Field was great for watching a ballgame. The fans were really cool and even against the Tigers were very much into the game. Middle of the season against a bad team and it felt lilke a playoff atmosphere.

Dodgers stadium. Just the vew on the 2nd deck from behind homeplate. I'm a Padres fan but that sight is a beautiful one. the gorgeous field, the wall (now gone I hear...repainted a solid Padres blue) the bullpens, and the hills in the background. Was there against the Angels a couple years ago and was there October 1st last year to see Finley's Grand Slam win it. Even on the field level in a crucial game against the hated Giants, the fans were amazing.

Qualcomm. If I didn't grow up watching ballgames there when the stands weren't inclosed, when the walls were green and not blue and when the Pads were in those gorgeous late 80s uniforms I might not like the stadium very much. REALLY WIDE concourse but otherwise it was an eyesore while i was there. I see pictures of the early days when right field had beautiful green hills up there instead of seats. That's not bad I guess. I can't believe I grew up loving this stadium.

Oakland Colesium. from what I remember (I was 9 at the time) the outside was gross and the inside was gorgeous. The green pasteurs and trees and stuff in the outfield made it magical. Could be cause the A's were my AL team back then but I liked it a lot. Just remember peanut butter sandwiches, the outfield, watching people chase McGwire's limo around the parking lot, and the BART trip back across the bay to head home. In between I don't remember a lot. They had targets out there for hitters to hit, then I guess they had the HR Derby and Old Timers game but I don't remember much about those.

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1. Yankee Stadium

2. Shea Stadium

3. Veteran's Stadium (dump!)

4. Kingdome (megadump!)

5. Fenway Park

6. Dodger Stadium

7. PNC Park (awesome!)

8. Camden Yards

9. Jacobs Field

Dodger, PNC, Camden, Jacobs, Kingdome, once each. The other 4 at least 5 times each.

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