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2005 NFL Uniform Info


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Here's the official NFL release for 2005:



Two of the oldest teams in the NFL ? the ARIZONA CARDINALS (founded in 1920) and NEW YORK GIANTS (1925) ? will wear the league?s newest uniforms this year.

ARIZONA CARDINALS: It will be the Cardinals? first total redesign in more than a century.

The move had special significance for Arizona, whose uniform has a storied history.

The ?Normals,? which the Cardinals were previously named in tribute to their home stadium, Normal Field, were owned by Chris O?Brien, a painting and decorating contractor. In 1901, he purchased used jerseys from the University of Chicago. Fans referred to the faded color as maroon, but O?Brien disagreed saying, ?That?s not maroon, it?s Cardinal red!? In that moment, the club?s permanent name was born.

The organization views this major change as a sign of a new era in team history.

There will be six new uniform combinations of red and white jerseys and pants. They will use the same basic color scheme, but look dramatically different with a thin tapering black stripe on the pant leg and under the sleeve. The team?s logo has also been updated. The Cardinal has a sleeker, tougher appearance.

?The new uniforms are an example of how we?re trying to change the perspective of what the Cardinals are all about,? says another Cardinals change, quarterback KURT WARNER.

?We?re going to be fast, aggressive, daring, dynamic and sleek,? added team vice president MICHAEL BIDWILL.

* * *

NEW YORK GIANTS: The Giants will wear replicas of the uniforms worn by their 1956 championship team at away games. The most defining difference is that there is no blue on the jerseys. Large red numerals will be complimented by the sleeves, which will include a thick red stripe bordered by two thinner red stripes. That is known as a Northwestern stripe pattern, because the football team at Northwestern is believed to be the first to use it. The Giants wore these jerseys from the mid-1950s through 1963.

In addition, the modern ?Giants? logo below the neckline has also been replaced with the traditional ?ny? symbol. Uniform pants now feature five stripes instead of three. The outside stripes will be red, followed by two grey and a central blue stripe. Socks will be all white with a red trim at the top.

In addition to the Cardinals? and Giants? uniform alterations, many teams will wear third jerseys in 2005. The Detroit Lions, for instance, will sport black jerseys with blue numbers and stripes outlined in silver and white twice during the regular season. When running back KEVIN JONES tried on the jersey, he asked team vice president TOM LEWAND when the team would be wearing them.

?When do you want to?? Leward responded.

?At the Super Bowl,? Jones said with a grin.

Teams that will wear third jerseys in 2005:


  • Atlanta Black 12/12
  • Baltimore Black 9/11 & 12/19
  • Buffalo Royal Blue 9/11
  • Chicago Orange 11/13
  • Cincinnati Orange 10/30 & 12/11
  • Dallas Classic Navy 9/19 & 11/24
  • Detroit Black 9/11 & 11/24
  • Houston Red 10/23 & 12/24
  • New England Silver 10/2
  • Philadelphia Black 9/25 & 12/5
  • San Diego Blue 10/10 & 11/20
  • San Francisco Red 10/30
  • Tennessee Blue 10/30 & 12/11

The following clubs will wear a jersey patch for specific anniversaries/memorials:


  • Baltimore Ravens 10th anniversary.
  • Carolina Panthers Memorial decal for assistant coach Sam Mills, who passed away from cancer on April 18, 2005.
  • Miami Dolphins 40th anniversary.
  • Minnesota Vikings 45th anniversary.
  • New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX champion patch on September 8.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30th anniversary.

The following clubs will wear old-time black cleats this season: Atlanta, Carolina, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, New Orleans, New York Giants, New York Jets, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Tampa Bay."

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Awesome. The Lions wear black at my first regular season game this year! (I work in the visiting lockerroom/sideline). Also, surprised the Lions wear black on Thanksgiving, it's a shame the throwbacks won't be worn, they're the best uniform in football, IMO.

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I'm surprised that the Browns and Panthers aren't going with their alts. I liked them both. Why is Dallas going with Navy twice? I thought they hated navy. Also, is this the same Bears orange and is SF a throwback?

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I believe the 49ers' alt is a throwback. Same with the Bears (maybe?)...

The Giants DO have a Red jersey listed in their collection; it has been modified to use the "ny" under the collar as well.

I would suspect that this is NOT a final list. Last season, all kinds of things changed during the season...

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The Chargers need to make their powder jersey's their full time joints.  They're the best looking unis in the NFL.


at least we get to see them twice this year.

I'd like to see the Chargers change it up a bit and wear the Fouts era throwbacks...but I do love the powder blues.

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It's disappointing to see the best alt jersey of the bunch, Carolina's, will not be worn

agreed, but maybe they should let the alts be a little more selective as to keep the interest up when they do get to wear them.

the Panthers have always worn old-school black cleats (only they paint blue accents on themselves).

as official as NFL.com gets...

Carolina Dreamin'


When a robotic Nixon is on the loose, we have a duty to take action.

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Bears...in orange. :(

I hope its that thorwback. Please be that throwback. No regular orange alt...please.

i imagine it is the thanksgiving jersey. NOT the ESPN NFL 2K4 Variety.

But thats just me using my amazing powers of logical deduction.

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