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Nike's "Revolution" continues . . .


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Explain to me what in the fluff the point of these jerseys would be. Is Nike introducing a new grey basketball undershirt they want to promote the hell out of?


Anyways, I absolutely hate that Nike is using these schools and destroying their idenities just to sell a few undershirts that's gonna be out of style within the next year. I used to like Nike, now I abso-freakin-lutely hate em. <_<

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described as ACC Big Ten challange special


O crap...they're wearing these???

Then why couldn't they do this in team colors instead of silver (only State works). Also, why couldn't the Illini's be the orange jerseys.

This no puts two colors that have no part in their scheme (okay, silver worked for the 100th season logo and such, but that's about it) on that jersey. Ugh.

Good thing the game is in North Carolina (assuming I'm thinking of the right ACC game), because otherwise this game woulda been paint the hall orange night and the Illini surely woulda worn orange.

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What's sad is, I really HATE Duke, but even I feel sorry for the way that Nike has completely crapped all over their image and history.

What I don't understand is why are the schools putting up with this crap, especially the big name ones? It just doesn't make any sence.

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they wouldn't be that bad if the shoulder marking colours matched up with the side panel colours like they did with Duke a few years ago. Speaking of Duke, i really hate what Nike has done to them. They had a classic look that needed NO tampering but Nike goes and changes it so that they can sell a few more jersyes on the streets.

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