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Your All-Tme Least Favorite Players...


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Same theme as the "All-Time Favorites" thread. Who are your least favorite players? The ones who drive you nuts or they own your team, they talk too much, they're over hyped etc. Whatever the reason you just don't like them very much.


MLB: Pete Rose

NFL: Ray Lewis

NBA: Danny Ainge/Larry Bird

NHL: Eric Lindros

Coach/Manager: Billy Martin/Sam Wyche/Jerry Glanville

Owner: Art Modell


MLB: Roger Clemens/Alex Rodriguez/Barry Bonds

NFL: Ray Lewis/Donovan McNabb/Peyton Manning/J.P. Losman

NBA: I don't really have a least favorite NBA player. Allen Iverson if I had to pick one.

NHL: Eric Lindros (As a Rangers fan his years with the Rangers were tough for me.)

Coach/Manager: Bill Parcells/Tom Coughlin/Brian Billick

Owner: Danny Snyder

After reading the first few posts I realize this is a much tougher topic than all-time favorites because there are so many more "least favorite" players to choose from. It looks like a few of you feel like I do. I have a few favorites but there are A LOT of players I don't like. I had a helluva time narrowing it down.

Feel free to list as many as you want... :D






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NHL: Eric Lindros, he refused to play for the team who drafted him (Quebec) , he was a big flop in Philly and Manathan. Now is in Toronto, close to his mother and his agent-father.

NFL: Terrel Owens

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NFL: Brett Favre (media darling, despite engaging in 'questionable' behavior.)

NHL: Chris Chelios (for cheap shot against Brian Propp in 89 playoffs)

NBA: Derrick Coleman

MLB: Ed Wade (not a player, but the figure head for an organization that stole the game of baseball from a great baseball city.)

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MLB: Jeff Kent

NBA: Antoine Walker (Man I hated that guy before he came, hated him when he was a Hawk, and I hate him now that he's bitchin about PT in Miami)

NFL: T.O. and Warren Sapp's fat ass.



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MLB: Chipper Jones/Bernie Williams/Jeff Kent/Jason Giambi (Chipper is a pretty immoral guy, i think he has a kid or two out of wed lock. Bernie Williams tossed his wife out of a moving car, fluff him. Kent was the biggest fluffin jerk to fans when he was in San Fran, and now hes wearing the hated blue. Giambi is just a whore)

NHL: Eric Lindros/Tie Domi (Will Lindros ever solve a problem without his daddy? Domi represents everything that is wrong with hockey.)

NFL: T.O/Todd Sauerbraun/Emmit Smith (T.O for obvious reasons. Sauerbraun because he tried to jump Martin Gramatica at the Pro Bowl a few years ago. Thats fluffed up. Emmit Smith is an unbelieveable dick. I once heard a guy ask for his autograph and said hed been waiting for ten years to get it, Emmit told him he could wait ten more)

NBA:Kobe Bryant/Robert Horry/Tim Duncan (The whole "Rape" thing for Kobe. The last second shot vs Sacto for Horry. And ive never really liked Duncan and his bitch fest about wearing suits to the game kinda irked me.)


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NHL: Jeremy Roenick (cuz he is one of the most annoying people on the ice but one of the most entertaining off it, hes hockey's T.O.), Daniel Alfredson (Cuz the man only realised after he shaved his head that he had some sort of skill), Marian Hossa (The eye gouger), and some others...

If you wanna talk about flops, talk about Alexandre Diagle, he was a flop, Lindros actually scored points over his career.


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MLB: Jose Vizcaino (yes, I hate a career utilityman, sue me)

NFL: Tom Brady, Rob Johnson, Rae Carruth

NHL: skaters: Eric Lindros...goalies: Rick Dipplop...er, DiPietro

NBA: Kobe, Tractor Traylor


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MLB: Roger Clemens (Notice how he doesn't throw at people now that he has to bat)

NFL: Brett Favre (I'm sick of Mr. Free Pass)

NBA: Shaqille O'Neal (not really a least favorite, but I'm tired of everyone sucking his...)

NHL: Jeremy "Kiss My Ass" Roenick

Coach: Brian Billick (Genius? Nope. Smug, overrated bastard? Yep.)

Owner: Daniel Snyder (Please leave the football stuff to the football people)


MLB: Pete Rose/Roger Clemens

NFL: Chuck Bednarik (He was great, but he was beyond dirty)

NBA: John Stockton (see above)

NHL: Tie Domi (Beyond dirty, but wasn't even great :P)

Coach: Red Auerbach (For what he's said since he's left coaching. He wouldn't win plop today.)

Owner: Bill Bidwell (IMHO worst pro sports owner in my lifetime)

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Btw this is old hat for Notre Dame. Knits Rockne made up George Tip's death bed speech.


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I havent been around for long so give me a break on the recent selections

MLB:Roger Clemens

NFL:John Elway

NBA:Vince Carter

NHL:Martin Brodeur

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MLB: Jose Canseco

NFL: Herschel Walker

NBA: Danny Ainge

NHL: None

Coach/manager: Les Steckel

Owner: Norm Greene


MLB: Jason Giambi

NFL: Terrell Owens

NBA: Tie -- Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant

NHL: None

Coach/manager: Bill Parcells

Owner: Jerry Jones

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MLB: Vince Coleman

NFL: Tom Brady

NBA: Latrell Sprewell

NHL: Jaromir Jagr

Coach/manager: Whitey Herzog

Owner: Art Modell


MLB: Chipper Jones

NFL: Tom Brady

NBA: Kobe Bryant

NHL: Eric Lindros

Coach/manager: Bobby Cox

Owner: Jeffrey Loria



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