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Braggin' Rights Game Tonight


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Tonight is the annual Illini-Mizzou Braggin' Rights game in St.Louis at the Savvis Center. This is my favorite college basketball rivalry with the perfect timing with Christmas so it's sort of a tradition to me. It also turns up some odd uniform combonations with one year Illinois wearing orange while Mizzou wore gold.

What are your favorite college basketball rivalries?

P.S. Who can ever forget Purdue-IU? :D

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Syracuse - Georgetown

Although not as high profile as it once as, these two schools still don't like each other when they meet on the hardwood.

When I was in school at SU, this rivalry was as good as it gets. It's lost it's luster after John Thompson retired.


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I just got home and turned on the Braggin' Rights game.

As expected, at the end of the first half, it looks like an ugly beating. *sigh*

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On 7/14/2012 at 2:20 AM, tajmccall said:

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Duke and UNC.

Syracuse and Georgetown.

I had the privilege of sitting courtside at the media table for an SU/Georgetown game one year while I was working in radio in Syracuse. It was great. Since I did a talk show I didn't really need to write a story or anything so I just sat there and watched the game from about 3 feet away. Pretty cool. What was weird was that my mom saw me on CBS in Ohio and called me to ask if I was at the game. She doesn't watch sports but she was just flipping channels and saw me on national TV. What are the odds?

Hopefully that game will regain the status it once had.






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Duke/UNC...and I'm a Big East fan saying that.

'Cuse/G-Town's not the same anymore...mostly b/c G-Town's gone into the ol' crapper since Thompson left...hopefully JT3 can bring some of the juice back.


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I'm going to go off the board because Duke/UNC is head and shoulders above the rest...and it's too easy to go with conference foes...

Duke vs. Kentucky

Indiana vs. Kentucky

Kentucky vs. Louisville

Guess I like Kentucky...lol

On January 16, 2013 at 3:49 PM, NJTank said:

Btw this is old hat for Notre Dame. Knits Rockne made up George Tip's death bed speech.


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I hear Notre Dame and Marquette were big rivals on the hardwood at one time

heh, sue me, I love to hate Markette :D


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Any game involving two of Villanova, Penn, Drexel, St. Joseph's, Temple, and La Salle.

Big LaSalle-Nova game tonight both teams are 7-0.

The Explorers could have had Lionel Simmons, Ken Durrett, and Tom Gola and still would have been smoked tonight by the Cats.

Any Big Five game is great, espcially Nova-St. Joe's You can throw in Drexel too.


Any Big East game involving Syracuse, Georgetown, UConn, and Nova together




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