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Favorite non-sports logos


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What are some of your favorite non-sports logos that are really clean, cool, and iconic?

Here are some of mine:







...and NTB, but i cant find a pic of thier logo anywhere. They seem like a big enough company, but all they have is their crap website. Very strange.

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you do realize that volkswagen was originally the car of the SS (Shutzstaffel - Nazi Germany's Secret Police, organizers of the deaths of more than 9 million people) right?  just checking....

nice cars, though

But you have to admit Jetta's get great gas milage...and sporty too!!! :P

What car does George W Bush drive? I'll stop driving that one too! :D

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dishonorable mention goes to this guy


Western Exterminators

I laugh every time I see one of thier guys driving around in those bright yellow trucks with green trim and with that thing plastered on it. also, I laugh at thier unis too (neon yellow shirts and olive green pants)

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