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Pittsburgh Penguins concept


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I like the idea a lot. Futuristic but clean and well done.

To make it a little more in line with the other teams, I'd shrink the crest just a little bit. And I'd do something to get rid of the large white space on the 3rd sweater - since the other team playing the Pens would invariably be wearing white sweaters, all that white space on the "dark" jersey could be confusing.

But beyond that, these are excellent. If Reebok went to something like this, I could live with that. Nicely done!

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Woo-wee. I don't like the individual elements of the jersey, but damned if it doesn't work as a whole. That gives me an intriguing idea. With all the talk to "futuristic" jerseys, those--and other designs like that--would be great for a "future stars" or prospects game on All-Star weekend. Sketch out some other teams. I'd love to see them.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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