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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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By the end of his career Cliff will have spent at least 6.5 years as a Phillie (probably 7.5) and 7.5 years as an Indian. I think considering the Rangers made the world series people will have no problem remembering him in a Rangers uni either... but who the hell is going to remember Cliff in this uni.


Altho this might look a little odd since he's now wearing 33. :)


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Ray Rhodes was coach of the year in 1995 in his first year with the Eagles. He also delivered a pregame speech where he said to envision the opponent breaking into your house, robbing you, then sodomizing your wife and kids (and possibly pets or horses or something). No lie.

He also coached the Packers after that stint with the Eagles.

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I miss these days, loved Vick when he was on the Falcons especially since they are the NFL team closest to me and I've always watched them. I'm still a huge Vick fan though, I don't think I would have been able to root for either team if the Falcons had ended up playing the Eagles in the playoffs.

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Cris Carter


Andre Dawson


Thurman Thomas


Trevor Hoffman


Scott Mitchell

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