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Alright well, amidst economic uncertainty and with the possibility of leagues and teams folding or moving, I thought I would remake the NHL to what I wish it would be. 24 teams remain in the league; 12 in the Northern Conference; 12 in the Southern Conference; Nashville has moved to Winnipeg and took the moniker of the Manitoba Moose, Abbotsford has been named the new affiliate of the Canucks; Florida has moved to Quebec City to become the Champlains. Southern Conference to come after Christmas, but hopefully before 2009.



Calgary Flames - Home, Road

Edmonton Oilers - Home, Road, Alternate

Manitoba Moose - Home, Road

Vancouver Canucks - Home, Road, Alternate


Chicago Blackhawks - Home, Road, Alternate

Detroit Red Wings - Home, Road, Alternate

Minnesota Wild - Home, Road, Alternate

Toronto Maple Leafs - Home, Road


Buffalo Sabres - Home, Road, Alternate

Montreal Canadiens - Home, Road, Alternate

Ottawa Senators - Home, Road, Alternate

Quebec Champlains - Home, Road, Alternate



Colorado Avalanche - Home, Road, Alternate

Dallas Stars - Home, Road, Alternate

Southern California Dukes -

San Jose Sharks - Home, Road, Alternate


Philadelphia Flyers - Home, Road, Alternate

Pittsburgh Penguins - Home, Road, Alternate

St. Louis Blues - Home, Road, Alternate

Washington Capitals - Home, Road, Alternate


Boston Bruins - Home, Road

New Jersey Devils - Home, Road

New York Islanders - Home, Road, Alternate

New York Rangers - Home, Alternate, Alternate

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Awesome job Randy. Everything looks great. I love what you've done with Toronto, that is what they should be wearing.

A few suggestions

1) The Red Wings alternate needs a bigger red stroke around the numbers to mimic the thick stroke on the crest.

2) Something looks off with the Senators road jersey. I think the colors of the stripes should be flopped, thick black, thinner red to balance the dark black yolk.

3) The Canucks green looks to limey. It could be just the quantity of green that's causing the effect, but I'd check the color just to be sure.

Great job overall!

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Love the Sabres concepts. One thing about the Quebec Champlains concept: Basically a tweaked Columbus Clippers (AAA baseball) logo.

Lol yeah, that's all it is. Forgot to mention it in my post. Avalanche will be in the Southern Conference.

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I don't know anything about hockey, so I wouldn't know why there isn't a Lemieux division. :P

I like all of these so far, especially the Wild white jersey, there's something about it that I really like.

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Pittsburgh, NY, Philly and NJ in a Southern Conference.

Using South and North as dividing for a league with most teams in north.

Not naming anything after Lemieux.

Sorry, but I do not like this alignment at all.

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Stop realignment.

Seriously, you merged the Kings and the Ducks, and you separated the Habs and Bruins. This fails on so many levels.

It's a concept buddy. That's the whole point of this forum, is it not?

The reason why some teams were dropped was because of attendance figures. Obviously not everyone will agree with the divisions, teams, etc.

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