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Sports Identity Showdown Voting (Grand Slam Division)


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From the desk of the commissioner of the North American Kickball Association:

I would like to express my gratitude to all of the participants and hopeful markets who have indicated interest in the formation of this league. All of your submissions were processed, entered into divisions, and are subject to a vote by the general public.

The voting procedure is as follows:

* All respected members of the Chris Creamer Sports Logos Community in excess of 100 posts in their user history will be able to cast a ballot indicating, in order, which three submissions they believe deserve to advance to a final voting round.

* Each member may assign a total of 6 "vote points" in total. 3 of these points are assigned to a designated "first place vote," 2 are assigned to a "second place vote," and 1 point is assigned to a designated "third place vote."

* By end of day TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, the winners of each division will be announced. Finalists will be placed into a final voting round, the winner of which will be announced SATURDAY, JANUARY 17. (The voting for said round will conclude on that Friday.)

All concerning members who wish to vote, please enter the names of your top three favorite submissions and send them in for vote tallying.


Commissioner Shinyhubcaps

Ann Arbor Express (Ann Arbor, MI)

Birmingham Iron Magicians (Birmingham, AL)

Cleveland Rocks (Cleveland, OH)

Detroit Gangsters (Detroit, MI)

Joliet Convicts (Joliet, IL)

KC Little Rock (Little Rock, AR)

Lansing Ignite (Lansing, MI)

Milwaukee Rangers (Milwaukee, WI)

Minneapolis Freeze (Minneapolis, MN)

New Orleans Jazz (New Orleans, LA)

Racine Beacons (Racine, WI)

St. Catharines Slashers (St. Catharines, ON)

St. Paul 58ers (St. Paul, MN)

Wichita Flight (Wichita, KS)

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