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Heinz removing iconic pickle from ketchup lable


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Not too big of a deal with me. I can live without the pickle.

EDIT: They're taking off the "57" logo off of the neck, too? NOW, it is a big deal.

Don't be so sure...the 57 on the neck like that is only on the glass bottles...

The plastic squeeze bottles go with the ounces...

Now if you saw a new glass bottle without the 57, that's another story...

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Before this thread had me staring at these bottles, I never realized how silly the word "Ketchup" is for a tomato-based paste. Anyone know why it's called "ketchup"? Or why it's also spelled "catsup"?

EDIT: Just looked it up on wiki - now I'm even more confused.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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