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Usfl Concept: Houston Gamblers


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Feels like forever since I've been productive on this board, but I'm making my comeback with my latest addition to the upcoming USFL Resurrection project, the Houston Gamblers.

For this entire project, I'm attempting two things: 1) to "update" the original logo to fit modern times. In other words, no major overhauls, just keeping the same basic idea and shape, only retweaking it (similar to what the Seahawks and Falcons have done with their logos) And 2) to do a completely overhauled version, rebranding the team entirely. I will be doing uniforms and secondaries with them, but they will not be unveiled until the entire project is complete.

I have attempted to recreate logos for the Michigan Panthers and Birmingham Stallions, however I am going to redo those concepts, so ultimately this is my first team that I've done in this fashion. So, without further ado...

The classic update:


And the complete overhaul:


The concept behind the overhauled logo should be obvious, but if it isn't, then I'll tell you that I took inspiration from the King face card in a deck of playing cards. I wanted to avoid the obvious use of dice and try something with a little more range. For the helmet, the entire card logo could be used, or just the king's head could be "peeled off" and used that way.

As always, I encourage your feedback and would like to know how you feel about these. Enjoy!

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The Gamblers logo update is very nice... exactly what an update should be.

I don't mean this cruelly, but that 'king' logo is my least favourite logo you've ever done, nitro, and this is speaking more to the quality of work you've done in the past than to any lack of quality found in this one.

The wordmark is fine... the font has a nice western saloon poker feel.

The card logo seems like the card idea is forced onto it, in a way that tries to be subtle, and yet hits you over the head with it at the same time.

It's hard to explain... go ahead and use a king from a deck of cards... would be easily recognizable, but unless the whole card is to be shown, I wouldn't use the surrounding rectangle. The way it combines with the depth created by the external sword, it looks like the king from playing cards looking through a window.

What would I have done? I would've displayed the whole card, including the corner K and suit designation, and then have had the king, attired exactly like in the cards, but a far more three-dimensional rendering, attacking the viewer as he seems to be popping out of the card.

Again, great work on the update, and sorry if I seem to particular.

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I actually agree with syphi.

Im not sure what it is about the card, maybe the motion, or the sword, i cant put my finger on it, but There is somethin a bit off with the spacing or something.

I think the C logo is fantastic, and the other is still a fine logo. Im just spoiled by your consistency that I cant just say AWESOME everytime i see your work.

But really, it is all pretty damn good.

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As a huge fan of the old USFL, I love the idea of Nitro doing these...

Great job. I think I know what some of the criticisms are - and they're valid I guess - but I still like 'em.

The Gamblers were one of those teams that used a custom color for the Red, but it was close to 200 C.

I also like the idea of having separate threads for each of these - can't wait to see what else you come up with!



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I think the C logo is fantastic

Believe it or not, that's actually a G. :) It's a bit hard to make out in the old one as well, but I did what I could with it.

SyPhi, I do agree with you in that something bugs me about it as well. My original idea started out as using the king himself as just a mascot, but the idea of using the card came into play also. I was thinking of doing something like using the K for King and some sort of suit symbol, only using the H for Houston and the silhouette of a football as the card's "suit." And I may still try that. I think this does deserve a bit of tweaking and will get some soon.

Thanks as always for the feedback. :)

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I think this may be the first thing you've ever drawn Nitro that didn't instantly strike me as perfection incarnate. I mean, I want to name my kid Lycans, and my dog BlueSharks, and worship the Apollos.

I mean, workmanship-wise, it's flawless per your usual and gorgeous. I just don't like the card thing. Whether it's "King" vs "Gambler" or just too literal I don't know.

Hope that's not taken too harshly, cause you know I think your the bomb-diggity.

On a side note, the modernization of the old one, is effortless and perfect vintage nitro. Viola!

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I think the C logo is fantastic, and the other is still a fine logo.

It's a G for Gamblers B) Quite crazy I know. Nitro, I love the new rednering of the old logo. May I suggest making the bottom part of the G more rigid to look more like a G though. That way people like Taj dont get confused.

I like where you went with the overhaul logo. I think that what is throwing it off however is the card hape in the background. If you eliminate that and extend the king' body then I think you have a very sexy logo. Another suggestion is that the white by his shoulder stands out too much. It makes his shoulder look very unnatural (mind you he is a playing card). With that white squiggle it looks to have a different feel to the logo than the overall rest of the logo design. The rest is more of a fine, curved (yet firm) line theme and this white squiggle just jumps out at my eye (perhas trying to stab it or something). All critiques aside, i Love the wordmark. It is very much the look you'd need for this concept.

I really love the work you have done with this project, looks incredible. Keep up the good work and never stop creating!

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I'm digging the logo Nitroseed, although the Gamblers logo with the King does have a slight Vegas feel to it. It's all good though.

On 4/10/2017 at 3:05 PM, Rollins Man said:

what the hell is ccslc?



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This whole King on the Card thing people are saying is something that would have thrown me a year ago when I couldn't not draw exactly as things were. Now, artistic license and other stuff comes into play. The way I see it, you drew a King that looks like I playing card King, cuz that fits Gamblers. Then, to throw some more playing card reference in, you stuck the rectangle around it. It doesn't have to be a perfect replica of a playing card in my mind.

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Well, that was my motive, STL. If you make it look exactly like a playing card, then you no longer have a logo, you have a playing card. I thought that if I dropped the "card" aspect of the logo, it would leave just a king, which seems to have no connection whatsoever to the name "Gamblers." However, by adding that rectangle shape, it brings in that reference to gambling and poker and such.

I don't, by any means, think it's perfect, and I plan to fix it, but I thought it might help to explain what direction I was heading.

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very good work as always Nitro

But I don't think the concept would work totally in the way you intended...You say that the King logo could be "peeled off" and work on its own. I think if you see the King's head alone, without the sword and most of the torso, you won't instantly recognize it as a playing card King, hence its reference to Gamblers. Since it is symbolic of playing cards, there needs to be more than just a head to get the reference right away. It's like the Patriots' logo without the hat...it's just Elvis, until you add the hat and the star ( although it doesn't exactly look like a Patriot either, but I think you get my point).

Nice working of the City font. The spikes are a great touch to give it the western "casino/gambling" feeling without getting retro.

Your rework of the old "G" logo is a little ambiguous as well. The older logo is more recognizable as a G than your rendition. I think the G needs a spur/tail below the horizontal bar to make it more obvious.

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I have to disagree with some of ya'll. As a USFL fan, I'm pleased to see a retool and re-design. I really like the king concept. Many of you are looking at it from a design aspect. Think about the "sale value" of the logo on merch and the like. If you were to put that thing in a store, it would fly off of the shelves. From an equpiment managment perspective, I would not like to put it on a helmet because it would be too big. But I digress. I think that it's friggin awesome and I can't wait to see the Breakers concept!

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