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If you could add ONE component to a College FB Uni, what would it be?


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If everybody can add on to the list that'd be great. Add approval or disapproval of the ideas listed.

#1. I would add the white pants to LSU's look as an occasional option in hot, sunny, day games. If I could add two, I'd say the white helmets. (but i won't since it's only one addition.)

#2. Bring back the orange pants for Florida, especially with the road unis. I think their orange/blue/orange home look is one of the best looks in college football. Don't mind the

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Auburn with navy blue pants for select road games. It would look so freaking good.

Oregon, well basically change them to the concept I made for them a few weeks ago

Add black pants to Georgia's uniform, mainly for the white jersey

Auburn and Georgia for sure could use them for games against 'Bama, UF, and LSU.

A couple years back, I thought I saw a concept of a Auburn uni with blue pants. If I am mistaken, it'd be cool to see one.

Georgia has done it before, so they should bring it back asap.

Oregon can do whatever the heck they want. They just amuse me.

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I would add colored facemasks for all teams that use gray (unless gray is in their scheme.)


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Notre Dame would return the ND to the sleeves, where it belongs.

Tulsa would dump the white pants and just wear gold ones all the time...cus certain gold-helmet teams can pull off white pants. the Cane is not one such squad.

Memphis would wear alternate gray jerseys.

Lousiana Lafayette would just have the flaming fleur de lis on their helmets. Either that or the flaming pepper.

Navy would add either an anchor or the billy goat to their sleeves.

Army would use a sword as the shoulder stripe

Michigan would add blue pants with a maize stripe partially split to show an M. yeah, basically a football version of the shorts that went with the infamous "M" basketball jerseys. trust me, it would kick ass.

Penn State would put a stripe on their pants. IIRC they used to have one.

both of Tennessee's jerseys would have checkerboard sleeves.

Alabama would add a houndstooth third jersey.

Miami would roll out orange and green hoops.

BYU would go back to the 2004 uniform

North Texas would put the full eagle on the helmet

San Diego State would introduce a red alternate.

UCLA would go back to the old number font

Michigan State would add pinstripes.

Northwestern would wear Northwestern stripes

The center stripe on Ohio State's home sleeves would be gray...as it is, they look like Wisconsin right now.

Rice would go back to the winged helmets.

Oregon State would add a checkered or "chainlink" pattern to their sleeves. I aint tellin ya why, cus you should figure it out easy.


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No, Georgia doesn't need black pants, they used to have the simple combination of TWO jerseys, home and away, that's it, and then the whole blackout craze began, and the seniors got to wear black a couple of years ago. And it was very cool that one time, especially because they destroyed Auburn. And then they wore them in the Sugar Bowl against Hawaii, and it was still sorta cool, but not as cool, and they beat Hawaii pretty bad as well, although I'm pretty sure any team in the SEC could've beat Hawaii wearing whatever color they please. Getting back on track, UGA wore black last year against Alabama, and they got crushed. These jerseys shouldn't see the light of day for a while after what happened. I would suggest that they wear it one time a year and it being at homecoming. I do not want to see Georgia joining the crowd of teams with too many pants and jersey combinations, and that's why I don't want to see black pants, along with the fact that it would look goofy. Especially when the team is known for its signature silver britches. Georgia is one of the few schools that Nike hasn't screwed up and there is no need for that to start anytime soon.

If I could change one thing, it would be making a few schools stripe widths line up, like LSU, Florida, and Ohio State, especially because they are on TV so much.

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I'd bring back team color gloves. Arguing about gray facemasks is one thing, but @ least it's not implemented by every team. Grey gloves ARE. While I know that the rule was put into place because gray gloves contrast with the color of the football, still it just seems so...wrong.


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I would add colored facemasks for all teams that use gray (unless gray is in their scheme.)


Lets just throw down and get this over with!

Don't make me go back there!


Unfortunately, you've got me backing up BBtV on this one.


The CCSLC's only seven footer.


Case in point, here are my changes:

Duke -> blue facemask

Syracuse -> white facemask

Kansas -> red facemask

Baylor -> green facemask

UCLA -> powder blue facemask

USC -> cardinal facemask

Alabama -> white facemask

Notre Dame -> navy facemask

Iowa State -> red facemask

You're welcome.


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Ohio State is tricky because I'd like to improve more than just one thing. I'd prefer to change the unis back to the old gray and black stripes they wore in the 70's and 90's above all else, but if I'm only allowed to change one element then I would have to say that the black stripes on the pants need to be adjusted. They are just too thick and don't match either the helmet or the jerseys and for a team that switched its jersey striping so the stripes match the helmet then they might as well make every stripe the same a la Florida.

Since I'm on the topic I'll mention the other things I would change, the helmet gray needs to match the pants. Either make both a flat gray (I'd prefer this) or make both shiny metallic silver, but don't do one of each. I would also go back to the gray stripes on the sleeves and use the big-as-can-be shoulder numbers.

Ohio University

Boo Jackson OU uniform pic

They have some of my favorite uniforms in all of football. They use Colts style shoulder striping except it actually wraps all the way around and they look good in all forms, green-white, green-green, white-green, white-white. The one element I would change is to add the same stripes to both sets of pants. That's all and they would be perfect and maybe a green facemask.


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Navy would add either an anchor or the billy goat to their sleeves

Navy has an anchor on their sleeves today. Is this new?

yeh, I noticed that. the anchor on the right sleeve, the Marines' eagle-globe-anchor on the left...which got carried over from the jerseys they wore against Army last year.


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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