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Favorite Current Athletes


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As for my top five:

1. Philip Rivers - This tackle from preseason this year says it all. Rivers is very athletic, an accurate passer, and fiercely competitive to the point where he'll make a spectacular touchdown-saving tackle as a quarterback just to prevent an opposing player from scoring in a game that doesn't even count. I wouldn't want any QB on my team other than Rivers. Tom and Peyton have better numbers but they don't have quite the competitive drive and chips on their shoulders that Rivers does.

2. Blake Griffin (will be replaced by Melo if he gets traded to the Clippers)

3. Carl Crawford

4. Andre Johnson

5. Kevin Durant


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Seriously, i like humble athletes that go out, and do their job, and celebrate afterwards. Coincidentally, the best player on my favorite team fits that mold perfectly, so this is awkward...

1. Derrick Rose

2. Andre johnson

3. Deron Williams

4. Felix Hernandez

5. Joe Johnson


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O. J. Simpson

Lawrence Phillips

Rae Carruth

Nick Whitford

Monica Bisordi

Interesting list. Very similar to mine, though since O.J. Simpson isn't a current athlete, I replaced him with Maruice Clarette since he might try out for a UFL team.

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1. Joe Mauer by far, Loved watching that E:60 segment on him. Dude rarely swings at the first pitch, did it like 58 times last season or something along those numbers.

2. Adrian Peterson, He's a Semi-Truck it's that simple, Semi-Truck that fumbles but still, he's a special one.

3. Michael Phelps, I don't usually cheer for American athletes at the Summer Olympics but in Athens and then again in Bejing it's hard not to love The Man Dolphin.

4. Derek Jeter, I hate the Yankees but this guy was practically George Steinbrenner's first major project and to play the shortstop position as good and consistently as Jeter has done is amazing. Here's to #2 getting retired in the not to distant future.

5. Andre Johnson, The Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL, but no longer he's got the speed, the height and hopefully the Quarterback to do some magical things.




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My five, in no particular order:

Aaron Rodgers (quite literally, the anti-Favre)

Joe Mauer

Zack Greer (NCAA lacrosse all-time scoring leader, now playing pro lax indoors and out)

Theo Walcott (Arsenal forward/midfielder; England's next budding superstar)

And last, but definitely not least...

My cousin, the World Boxing Foundation supermiddleweight champion, with a record of 15-0-1 and 9 knockouts, "Golden" Caleb Truax.

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My top 5 are....

1. DeMarcus Ware

2. Miles Austin (open for Miles and Miles...)

3. Kobe Bryant

4. Derek Fisher

5. Tashard "The Peoples" Choice/Felix Jones/Marion "The Barbarian"

I couldn't decide between the Cowboys trio of running backs. Choice is my favorite because I think he's the most complete back the Cowboys have had since Emmitt, but it's hard not to love Felix or Marion, especially with the latter's running style. I just love it.

Tony Romo/Gasol/Odom/Amoebi are all tied for 6th, and they almost made in the top 5.

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