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World Hockey Concept Federation


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Oh it's happening.

Remember my European Soccer Concept Cup? It went successful, and I said I'd do hockey sometime in the winter. Well, it's time.

For those who are confused, heres the deal

  • I post 20 markets for each of the regions above.
  • People pick markets, first come first serve.
  • You have 2 weeks to send in your concept
  • Everyone votes, top 3 in each group move on
  • 3 concepts move on from 5 regions to the final tournament
  • Each 4th place concept goes into a wild card vote, winner of that makes it into the tournament
  • 16 team tournament, voted on by you, to decide the champion

Think Champions League, but with hockey. I'll let this sit, and will post the first region on Christmas maybe.

Also note, you can only do 3 concepts in the entire thing. it was 4 for soccer, but only a few people did the concepts

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