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2011 NHL Draft Hats


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Draft hat time! Interesting that Tampa's has the old logo... Get it together, RBK. I'll update the missing as the hats are leaked. I won't be shocked if each of the 5 missing has a new mark.




Blue Jackets














Lightning New

Lightning Old

Maple Leafs






Red Wings







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Nice looking hats. I've been in the habit of buying the draft cap each year, but having a team with a 2 color scheme (Maple Leafs), you can only own so many plain blue hats with white accents. I think I'll pass this year.

Looking forward to grabbing a Moose/Jets draft cap though! :hockeysmiley:

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I am interested to see what the Stars hat will look like?

Will they use the DALLAS wordmark or will they use Green and Stars main logo?

These hats do look a lot better then previous years ...

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I actually like these a lot. Better than most draft hats. And those 5 teams could all be getting some kind of update. Haven't there been rumours for at least small changes to each of those teams' logos?

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Nice. The way the brim detail mimics the jersey striping is a very cool addition. So, the 5 teams missing might not necessarily be getting new logos, but all 5 ARE rumored to be getting new uniforms, so they probably just didnt want to show what would essentially be a preview of next year's yet-to-be-unveiled jerseys. I'm not a huge fan of the vertical stripes coming down from the middle contrasting colored button thing, though, I wish those stripes also had the stripe seen on the brim, and the wordmarks look awkward imo.

Still, it's weird that the Lightning one isn't all blue.

I really like the Maple Leafs brim detail.

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Usually draft hats are kinda boring, but I kinda dig the striping pattern on the hats/brims. I love the sleeve stripes transfer to the brim detail.

I find the Sharks hat kinda interesting with that detail, because there isn't any of the slim orange accent anywhere. Personally as a Ducks fan, I like the lack of orange anywhere on the Sharks hat, but it is interesting to note that the actual brim detail is that of the alternate. It has the black background with the white/teal/white striping.

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The Stars and Oilers hats have been found. That leaves just 3 left, unless Winnipeg is ready to debut a logo by the draft. The Kings TeamLA store says they will be unveiled on the 15th, which seems odd knowing that the finals could go that long. Glad I ordered a Thrashers one already as it will most likely be their last new piece of merchandise.

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It looks like the Kings have officially ditched the purple. I have added the link to their hat at the top. Since the hats feature the primary logos, it is safe to assume that the purple/silver/black crown has been retired. I've also added the Panthers hat, and they have kept the old leaping panther. The Lightning now have a hat featuring the new bolt, while many stores are selling one with the old.

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One of the things I really like is when the NFL and NHL use the new draft hats for the two conference champions during the finals/Super Bowl with the patch on the side. I was disappointed when nhlshop backordered my Bruins cap, but it looks like it finally shipped. This year's design is OK, there have been better. I'm generally a fan of the white hats. I know...boring.

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