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If you could bring back one uniform set from each league...

Lights Out

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NFL: I couldn't think of anything else, but these are amusing.


MLB: If only for the reason that their current look is terrible.


NBA: So many beautiful/garish 90s looks to choose from, but I'd rather eradicate unnecessary RWB in favor for a great, unique design.


NHL: Unique, and an actual logo as opposed to a crude illustration slapped on a bad template.



You know what they say, "Traditionalist's can go die in a hole if they don't like it."

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This is easy for me.




There was nothing wrong with this set. NOTHING. Then, little by little, they started tinkering with it. Started in '01 when the numbers on the white jerseys went from teal to black...and the downward slide of their identity picked up from there until it cascaded right off the edge of a cliff two years ago.





'Til the day I die, I'll maintain this was not only the most unique, but most progressive identity MLB has ever known. It was definitely modern, but still looked great in its own way, and it set them apart. Dastard political agendas...and cheap cop-outs to trendy color schemes.


This isn't really so much one I wish they'd bring back, since I realize the team ain't going back to where it was, but rather, what I wish they would've done when they "updated":


That color scheme may never be seen again in pro sports again; I for one wish it never went away, especially to cop-out on the two-blue-and-yellow scheme that swept through pro sports like the plague back five or six years ago. (See: MLB team posted above, also an offender.)




I completely agree with Lights Out's choice; but since he picked that, I picked this. Now I admit I also got a soft spot for the old Peter Bondra/Joey Juneau/Olaf Kolzig-era Washington Capitals uniforms, but I also loved the Stars' adaptation of the '95-'96 NHL All-Star Game jerseys...plus it fit the, well, Stars, so well.

(EDIT: bonus points for anyone who can draw the connection among these four sets.)

*Disclaimer: I am not an authoritative expert on stuff...I just do a lot of reading and research and keep in close connect with a bunch of people who are authoritative experts on stuff. 😁

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NHL: Christmas Devils

NBA: Original Heat

MLB: Late 1980s (Brown/Orange no yellow) Padres

NFL: creamsicle Bucs

Disclaimer: If this comment is about an NBA uniform from 2017-2018 or later, do not constitute a lack of acknowledgement of the corporate logo to mean anything other than "the corporate logo is terrible and makes the uniform significantly worse."



POTD (Shared)

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NHL: Christmas Devils

NBA: Original Heat

MLB: Late 1980s (Brown/Orange no yellow) Padres

NFL: creamsicle Bucs

You aiight with me, pal. :winner:

*Disclaimer: I am not an authoritative expert on stuff...I just do a lot of reading and research and keep in close connect with a bunch of people who are authoritative experts on stuff. 😁

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My choices:

For the NFL, it was pretty easy. Broncos need to be the Broncos again. This set needs to return-


For the NHL, part of me is saying the robopenguin (but with the black diagonal front road black and not the gradient from it's latter years), and I would love to see the North Stars or Nordiques, but feel that's against the spirit of the OP's question. So, I decided on this set. LOVED these unis. They were so cool when I was in mites and Gretzky was traded to LA.


For the MLB, it was between the California Angels "CA" unis from 1995 and Toronto's WS-era unis. Since the Angels' current set isn't awful and Toronto's is, I went with the Jays:display_image.jpg?x=940622

NBA was easy. Hands down my favorite set ever:


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Speaking of unique color schemes, the Cavs need to bring this scheme back (if not the uniforms) full-time:



As a Clevelander and lifelong Cavaliers fan, Ill handle this one. "Ahem, aaaahhhh, no. No thank you." As Cavs fans know, the Cavaliers are "wine and gold", so it was a sweet relief when the team returned to "wine and gold" back in 03. Any changes hence forth should always be within the "wine and gold" scheme that is "traditional" for the team and that the fans of Cleveland whole heartedly embrace.

Besides, the name "CAVS" on a uniform is so stupid. Can you imagine if the Yankees put "Yanks" or the Indians put "Tribe" or the Celtics put "Celts" on the front of thier uniform?? So stupid.

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NFL: Cowboys double-star. I don't care if the Cowboys have loads of tradition connected to their current uniforms. It's a mismatched mess. The double-star unis aren't.

NBA: Cavs from 2003-2010.

MLB: Can I do the Diamondbacks current identity with old colors? Would that be cool? That's what I'd do.





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I love this uniform combo, I don't know why they only kept it around for a couple years




I like their current look now, minus there obsessive use of the black alternate, but I miss this look a lot. I probably miss the aforementioned devil ray look above more, but this one hasn't been posted yet.



The falcons are starting to go back to a look similar to this with their throwbacks, but I think they need to go to this one again full time




No longer a team but..


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Hmmm...I might have to think a bit about these, but...

(For the sake of time, I'll just post either the home or road)


This is a toss-up, because both these looks are better (and truer to the team's name) than what the Astros wear now:



I was thinking of the Blue Jays, but I do like their road sets, and if they can put more blue in there, then they'd be fine with me.


I could have said the Bills, and I could have said the Jaguars, but the Bills seem to be ditching their Arena League-like look for a more classic look, and while the Jaguars' uniforms have seen better days, there was no reason for the Bengals to leave this look. These could have gone for another 30 years and still look fresh:



I've always seen the Hawks as a Red/Athletic Gold team, and an update of this would've been nice:


What if the Hawks went with a Red/Athletic Gold/Navy look, replacing the silver in their current look?

Honorable Mention, as the jersey change was more because of a relocation:


I also liked the gold alternates:


RIP Sonics.


This one's probably the simplest choice of all; while teams like the Avalanche, Flames, Panthers, and Penguins (just to name a few; Oilers are going retro full-time next year) badly need a return to their pre-Edge designs (or some variation of them), their colors are, for the most part, consistent with their history (it's a bit of a stretch for the Pens, but stick with me here).

However, the Dallas Stars just don't look quite right without some sort of green on their dark uniforms. While the final Minnesota/original Dallas look is all right and would be tolerable if it was Edge-ified, I, like a couple of posters, think that this was the best (and most unique) the Stars have looked since being in Dallas:


I still maintain that this look can be Edge-ified, and would be the only set on which the "Dallas" script would look excellent.



AKA @LanRovr0 on Twitter

LED Sig Credits to packerfan21396

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