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Sportsman in spectacles


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Over here, ESPN have been showing some classic Monday Night Football games. I was watching them play the 1978 Oilers Dolphins game, and there is Bob Griese playing NFL football wearing glasses. I guess a few baseball players and holders and the odd tennis player has wore specs. But can anyone think of any other unlikely bespectacled sportsmen?


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You're talking about actual glasses, right? Like not sports goggles?

Certainly can't remember many in the NBA other than Kurt Rambis, but I think those were more sports-goggly.

A bunch of guys used to in the MLB. For some reason, Tom Henke comes to mind.

The most recent player I remember wearing actual glasses was in the '90s was Orestes Destrade.


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Whoa. Doesn't work in football. Really works for baseball, though. I guess it's because having 20/20 vision seems like a really good idea when you're dealing with that kind of precise timing and location.

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Not glasses, technically, but the first person I thought of was Chris Sabo and his Rec-Specs. (Great minds, DG.... :D )

On topic, however, I remember that quite a few of the Angels' World Series-winning bullpen wore the yellow shades.


Brendan Donnelly




Ben Weber

I really thought Scot Shields did, too, but I can't seem to find a shot of it.

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I played old man softball in my...I guess you might call them Weezer glasses. Or Buddy Holly glasses if you're old or something.


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