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Look out Boise, here comes... a purple court?


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Colored playing surfaces seem to be the chic thing right now in college sports: but that's generally for programs who need a gimmick to get some attention and name recognition. But color me purple, because Northwestern (yes, Northwestern) is redesigning their basketball court for the new season, and amongst their 4 options, a PURPLE court is one of them.

The other 3 options are pretty nice and traditional. A little big and over the top, but nothing earth-shattering. This PURPLE court though, could change everything.


option 3


option 1


option 2


option 4



I get that Northwestern isn't exactly a basketball powerhouse, but wow, this would be something to see a BCS conference school switch to. On a somewhat related note, even though I dont love the Big10 logo, it looks really nice on the court IMO.

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I thought Iowa was Chicago's Big Ten team :P

No, Illinois is.


How 'bout Northwestern make the NCAA tournament first before they do "fun" things with their court.

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Today, we are all otaku.

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Colored courts are nothing new; they've just been mothballed for the better part of the last 30 years. Back when vinyl (or urethane, I really don't recall the specifics) floors were all the rage and most colleges used a single gym floor for every single indoor sport, there were a number of colored courts. Matter of fact, it wasn't until the year before my freshman year at Mizzou (1986) that my alma mater switched from a gray vinyl floor to a "regular" wood floor.

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Option 4 is the only one which isn't horrible, and it's still bad. I guess crap like this was bound to happen once Oregon came out with their "Hai guyz, courts iz art, 2!" trash last season. With the purple court, now we can replicate the look that so many of us saw on rubberized floors at public rec centers. All that's missing is outlines for lanes coming out of the sides of the court. Six hoops, dontchaknow.

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Anyone else think Northwestern is in desperate need for a logo upgrade? Look at that wildcat, yikes, looks like it'd be more fitting for an elementary school logo.

I agree, seeing the wildcat head on its own without the N reveals just how dated that logo is. Northwestern would greatly benefit from a logo upgrade sometime in the near future.

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When I saw the thread title, Northwestern was the last team that I'd expect to go with a colored court. I hope they're smart enough to vote for the other options because that looks pretty bad. And putting "Chicago's Big Ten Team" on the court would be pretty stupid, too. Besides the fact that it's not really true, what happens in two years when they get a new marketing slogan?


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They haven't won a bowl game since 1949 and have never earned a bid into the NCAA tournament........they may be in the Big 10 but they most likely have the worst Athletic Teams in the Big 10.

WOW. Is that true? I'm not doubting you, but its just surprising because it seems like they've had some decent teams as of late.


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